Wandering & Wondering

As I wandered the world in my twenties, I never could have imagined a life where I was a stay-at-home mom with a mortgage, a dog, kids and an empty passport. My traveler’s soul left me restless, needing to explore and discover new all the time. I would not be slowed down.

What I couldn’t have known then, is that having kids is an embarkation of a whole new journey. A crazy, adventurous, difficult and risky one. So, the best kind.

As a first time mother, the first year is crammed with new discoveries, then, just as you’re starting to feel trapped in routine, your kids personalities burst forth, sharing with you their awe and amazement of the world around them.

The most amazing thing about becoming a mother is realizing that as much as I am now a teacher/guide/protector/healer, I am just as much a student. My kids are teaching me as much about life as I try to teach them. Probably more.

So while I still seek to wander the world, my kids remind me to notice the awe and wonder all around. Kids love trying new things (oh okay, except food!) They want to be engaged in scavenger hunts or nature walks or splashing in water. Kids are explorers at heart. And so they remind me, teach me again, about my own passion to do the same.

To explore vast lands. To dream imagined universes. To see the wonder in the every day.

We hope you will join us, share with us and inspire us, as we hope to do for you, whether at home, on the road, or far, far away.


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