Summer Simply

Yesterday I am sitting at home with cramps and a sour mood feeling guilty that summer is nearing a close and we have not done enough.

Which is ridiculous because even as I’m thinking that, the girls are squealing with delight at a neighbourhood hide n seek game interrupted in intervals with a ladybug, a popsicle hand-out, an ant invasion and a picnic snack.

Why is it that even though I know, I feel, I believe in my core, that simplicity is the key to joy, a bad day can bring me right back to dwelling on the couldn’ts and didn’ts, and unnecessary wanting.

With giggles and shouts of “Found ya!” as my backdrop, I grumpily organize the girls summer art while plotting an activity that will make us ‘busy’ for the afternoon.

Which is when I find this:Image 1

Kaya has created our summer checklist, marking the real greatness of our days.

Ones filled, not with schedules and to-do’s, but with free-play and nature. Suddenly I am transported back to my own childhood…

  • My mom nursing a bird that hit our window back to health and setting it free.
  • Climbing our willow tree and making our own swing from it.
  • Neighborhood kick-the-can until the sun dropped and parents start calling.
  • Jumping rocks in the creek.
  • A cow chasing my brother making me both giggle and terrified.

Time and space for curiosity and adventure. As important now as it was then.

This summer has been a foundation for my girls childhood memories. Where they catch frogs and butterflies, investigate critters, and invent neighbourhood games that keep them entertained for hours.IMG_5795

Full days, not rushed ones, are the best of summer days aren’t they. Where an hour can be spent crouched down counting caterpillar legs or chasing butterfly fairies. When a 30 minute walk turns into a 3-hour journey.IMG_5302IMG_4886IMG_5595

When we’re not constantly on the move, there is time to sink into things. Looking deep, our perspectives change, giving us more to see and experience.IMG_6422

If we didn’t know of slow, we wouldn’t know of caterpillar cycles,

and newly formed butterfly wings drying.

IMG_6638Slow days, it turns out, provide enormous opportunities for impact and wonder. Curiosity has an open field to play and untold stories surprise.

IMG_5295And if that list didn’t remind me of that which I know, this one certainly will.

ImageSimple, isn’t it?


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