Dear Brennyn (4 years)

IMG_5467Dear Miss B,

Unfortunately, I have been in a creative lull of late which means not only have I not been writing, journaling or even taking many photos, I have barely even scratched a note of things to remember. Thus my late letter.

So let me just keep it simple.

Brendy-lou-lou-bear, you love the Wiggles, corn on the cob and mini-figures to play elaborate tales of princesses and zombies. You could do without dinner, bedtime or scary movies (which pretty much means every movie!) You are newly interested in horsies and art, though biking still may be your favourite thing. Just this morning you ran into greet me as Spiderman, then flew off ‘to make the princesses their picnic!’ Dress-up and dancing is always welcome. As are bandaids, to cover booboo’s both seen and unseen.IMG_6511 IMG_6757

You rocked your swim lessons, but only after a tentative start, scared as you were of a boy teacher. Fortunately, his name was Charlie and he wore fluorescent pink shorts and we called him Charlie, Superhero Underpants and he put his hair into a mohawk to make you laugh and you got won over.

You have been transitioning out of nap time (boooo!!!) even though you sometimes still need them. Though I try to enforce quiet time, somehow you always turn this into Rock n’ Roll Hour.IMG_5016

Then when you do have a nap, after a particularly active morning, you refuse to go to bed. One of these days happened on vacation at Grampa’s house. 10pm and you get up again so I point out the one bright and shiny star that is out.


“Mamma, look at ALL the stars outside!”

“I only see one baby.” I tell her.

“No! Look down there! By the lake there are so many and they are super sparkly and rainbowy!”

Sweet love, you had never seen the city lights before. I try to tell you what they are, but you just ignore me and tell me that you are just like Chris Hadfield, an astronaut in space.IMG_6375

Brennyn, you are imaginative and silly, stubborn and determined, expressive and wilful, blunt and true. You make me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Even when you are driving me CRAZY! IMG_4574 IMG_5520 IMG_4874

Thank you for loving yellow, crinkling your nose in mischief, saying thank you so freely, and hugging in earnest. Thank you for your made up songs, elaborate stories, and your letter B. Thank you for snuggling in, taking care of mamma when she was sick and for all the massages!IMG_4525 IMG_4877

Thank you, thank you for you being you!

Super Love,




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