A Wildflower Stroll

Had I not been partaking in the David Suzuki 30X30 Nature Challenge, my treat to my girl for finishing an inspired set of swimming lessons would have been a hot chocolate date at the coffee shop. Instead, we get our drinks to go and head for a stroll at our local eagle viewpoint. Though it’s not eagle season, we still spot 3 soaring high above us in the wind drifts.

With only a rivers quiet roll to distract us, Brennyn fills me in on every detail of her swim class. We find a bench to finish our drinks, hotchocothen meander some more as Brennyn tells tales of Totoro and fairies and the Gruffalo (when we entered the deep dark wood!) The fresh air does wonders for our imaginations!deepdarkwoods

As we are strolling back, Brennyn gasps upon her first real sight of all the wildflowers around. “I’m going to pick a yellow one mom!” Always yellow for this girl. But now I am inspired. “Why don’t we pick every colour and make a whole bouquet for our table and surprise Daddy and Kaya?”wildflowerriver

“Yah, yah, yah!” she jumps up and down before running straight into the field.orangepick

Flower picking is serious business.serioussearch

Though the drizzly weather is not especially pleasant, the landscape could not feel more ethereal and we could not have been happier. etherealgrassbwildflowerI treated my girl to a hot chocolate, but the real treat turns out to be a wild romp in a field of colour, together.bouquet


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