Nature’s Playground

After the lupins, we take a family bike to the river. Though our backpacks are filled with purple toys, all the girls require to keep them happy are sticks and sand.

Imaginations soar as they play and play and play and play. Doggy digs and rocket ships and burying feet and treasure finding.


So consumed by fun are they, Bal and I get to kick back on the beach and manage even, a conversation uninterrupted. lounged

Only when the wind picks up and black clouds form do we decide we’d better bike home.

“Awww… we want to stay here all day!” whine the kids.

I mention the impending storm and our need for lunch to which I am told,

“Next time make sure you have a picnic and rainboots so we can stay all day!”

I agree, wholeheartedly, but still get a little pouty attitude for my lack of preparation this time around. Hilarious!pandabike


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