Path Less Traveled

After dropping off my library books, I head for the trails to begin my planned hard and fast run for the morning. Only the trailhead is a fork. Left goes to the ocean run as I had planned. Right leads to the estuary, a mostly non-runnable route.

Though I thought I wanted to run, I find myself veering right. On a path I’ve never taken before, I marvel in the seeing something old new again. For not only do I get wildflowers in bloom,wildflowerschief I get an entirely new vantage point by way of surprise binoculars lined up to see the top of the Chief.view Here is a picture from earlier in the month of me at the top of The Chief looking down. The far right is about where I’m at headed to the open green of the estuary. IMG_2296

After perusing the top for any hikers (I don’t see any), I carry on, round a corner and BAM, one moment I am in town, the next I am in a wildlife haven. Beyond the various birds chattering, I don’t actually see any animals, though evidence of their presence is everywhere. Laid-on grass, pathways into prickly bushes, footprints. No doubt they are watching me on this not entirely worn-through-path wondering what I am doing in their territory singing crazy songs about space. But I venture forth regardless, soaking my shoes and clothes in the dewy overgrown grass and still-shaded bushes.log

Upon finding this field of buttercups,buttercups I venture a photo or two before realizing they are thriving in a shallow swamp. The grass is so thick, my only clue is the gushing cold shocking my feet. Though I had still intended to run after my quick pop on over to the estuary, I now give up on that plan entirely and decide to make my way deeper into the heart of the estuary. Anyways, the birds are calling and I must go.birdsong
Though I am scrambling over a root-lined path and scaling a precariously wobbly log over a stream, my mood is serene. Open grassy marshes with impressive backdrops and a symphony of birds will do that to a person.

Sometimes you think you are headed one way, but end up on an entirely different path. Something deep and eternal sends you that way and sometimes, often times, that is precisely what you needed without knowing that you did.

Today, oh did I need this.


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