Lilac Fairy and All Things Magic

One day on etsy, I became obsessed with all things fairy land. So I asked my mom’s husband, aka Gampa, if he could make one of the little fairy doors. Instead he made a magical fairy house!lilacfairy

When Kaya discovers it there, sitting beneath a glorious scented lilac tree, I swear you could see a thought bubble pop up above her head as she marveled and wondered and imagined all things fairy. She was not just thrilled, she was enchanted.

Kaya wrote her a note thanking her for letting us see her house and placed it inside the magic door. But of course the fairy answered. By Birch bark. And sparkles. fairynote


Inside, in the girls quest to build the best fort ever, they dump several of Gammy’s boxes and in so doing, discover my old Flower Girl Dress from when I was little. She insists on wearing it all day and, well, magic.kayaflowergirl She wears it playing fairy,matchingbark playing at the park, tire swing and while out for a hike (which I’ll have you know is filled with fairy and Little House on the Prairie talk!)gammystrollviewpoint

In other magic news, Miss B is rocking the magic walking stick don’t ya think?walkingstick
And though we all wonder how the girls will react to a ‘small town’ parade, this will probably forever be know as the BEST. PARADE. EVER. because if you can’t do floats big, you most certainly can do candy big. And oh was it BIG! Piles and piles of it thrown as the girls giggled and filled their bag.candy parade

We brought the magic home with us too. The Flower Girl dress for our dress-up box, the candy, well the candy for treats that will last until Halloween when I won’t have to even buy candy and can give it away, and the fairy house came along with permission from the Lilac Fairy. The fairies came too the girls will inform you. By way of hummingbird, bees and eagles wings.

Magic indeed.


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