A School Quest

Honestly, it just boggles my mind when you see reports of schools cancelling recess, having little to no outdoor play time, and cancelling arts and gym. How is this acceptable? How is this helping our children? What is the point?

Kaya is excelling in reading and loves all things science, but ask her what her favourite thing about school is, and she will tell you recess, lunch and dpa (daily physical activity) Fantastic because having all that time outside is making her learning inside more efficient! Besides the obvious physical benefits of swinging on jungle gyms, playing tag and chasing boys, she is also learning valuable lessons in cooperation, sharing, leadership and compromise.

Fortunately, Kaya is in a school that values activity, creativity and the outdoors as important learning tools and I couldn’t be happier with where she’s at.

One day last week, most of the morning consisted of the school partaking in a bike rodeo. Yeehaw! Controlled chaos for sure.bikerodeo

Later that day I joined the class on a walking field trip to a local stream so that they could let their Coho fry, they’ve been raising from eggs in their classroom, free. You can read about the salmon cycle in a book, or you can watch real eggs turn into alevin, into fry that you then feed until they are ready to be released into their natural habitat. And by doing so, you feel responsible for them. Which means you feel responsible for the environment around them and makes you understand, on an intimate level, that we are all interrelated.

Is there a better education than that?

Here’s 5 of my group of 6 excitedly walking running flailing to the stream.


Kaya releasing her fry!fryrelease

The connection between our environment and our learning should not be underestimated. When we learn by doing rather than learn by being told, we get it. We relate and become curious and passionate and we want to do better. Similarly, when our bodies are active, so too are our minds.

Curiosity and learning are not confined to the walls of a classroom. Ideally, they come most alive outside of them.

“Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning. The quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient.” ~Eugene S. Wilson

Time to celebrate the quest quotient my friends and let our kids flourish!


One thought on “A School Quest

  1. I definitely learn better by doing! I am sure that I could have used that bit of learning about a coho fry. I’ve never even heard of that! Sounds like fun learning to me! Making those academic connections IN the environment = awesomeness. Lots of ways to learn, eh?! My big K didn’t bike but I heard she did a great job organizing the start and keeping people in line! ; )

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