Barometer of Growth

Do you have a growth chart or doorway where you mark your children’s growth? I do not.

Occasionally I berate myself for this lapse in parental duty but since I blog and photograph, I figure I am still tracking growth.

There’s something about having that physical marking though isn’t there? Visual recordings of a child’s progression.

Only it occurs to me, out playing in our backyard today, that my kids growth charts are right here.

The rock. DSC_0067Oh that rock. The one that is the first crawl-away-from-mom destination point. Oh the pride when they make it so far. In no time, they figure out how to crawl up it. Soon they are taking the shaky step off and then, oh so fast does it come, the leaps off. First tentative, then far and long and with trickster moves attached. DSC_0024-2

The rock doesn’t get as much attention nowadays, though when we have classroom mascot Mr Beans come stay for a night, he is treated to the rock and a story by the neighborhood girls.mrbeans1

Nowadays the tree is the thing. The reach up to touch the branch, and once both hands can grab on, a swing. Before long that means they can climb up, at first only to the first branch, but bravery comes fast as they shimmy their way up and away until all I can see are toes and the sway of leaves dancing. Just when I relax about their tree-climbing abilities, they start to spin and hang and jump throughout._1KF8589 Little sister watching big one, learning faster, trying harder, both, seemingly growing faster.mrbeanstree

Though no physical markings tell the tale of my girls, the emotional ones are etched deep. Where a rock teaches to leap and a tree guides to climb. Both educating too, that there will be bumps along the way. Falls, spills, scratches and bumps that remind us the challenges make growth all the more rewarding.IMG_2124

Though I have no growth chart to speak of, I am charting their growth.

With a little help from a rock and a tree.


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