Rain Day

So far the 30X30 Nature Challenge has only had sunny days. Today was the first ‘challenge’ in that I didn’t feel inspired to get outside at all. Still, I’m up for a challenge.

After swim lessons, all I could think about was C O F F E E. Mmmmmm. Off to the Adventure Centre for an Americano then! Brennyn had a little play, I woke up, and with that both of us were up to brave the rain and go for a little saunter through Rose Park.

Rain and dark skies only serve to illuminate the colour that persists. Greens greener, flower hues more vibrant.explorefairy land

Plus, it’s just down-right hilarious to smell all the flowers that deposit rain droplets on our noses!flowerbomber She totally photobombed this picture of the flowers!

We counted how many colours we could see, hopped rocks, and sniffed out our favourite flowers before falling in a giant, cold, puddle and making a quick exit home!

knit dress

See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Rain Day

  1. Today I was planning on making it a mandatory sit on the couch day for Karis and I. However, right after lunch Karis said that she wanted to go outside. WHAT? No way! I was snuggly and warm and I did not want to, but I was going to suck it up because for crying out loud, how can you deprive a kid who makes the request to puddle splash, eh? Oh the guilt! ; ) Anyway, the Fed Ex lady came and Karis went outside on the front deck, only to be disappointed by how cold it was. SHE insisted we stay in – a turn of events that I totally rolled with, easily! Just after we started a movie it began pouring and thundering! Ah, the perfect excuse to stay indoors. Thank you Nature!
    LOVE B’s photo bomb! Such a cute dress she is wearing!

    • Was it just me, or has the rain been totally welcome the last few days? I’m loving it! The sounds, the smell, the excuse to get cozy and watch movies… đŸ˜‰ Oh, and it totally brings rainbows!

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