Nature and the City

Our family movie tonight was ‘My Neighbor Totoro‘ Have you seen this? Pure brilliance in its simplicity and imagination. There are very few movies we have found that the whole family has enjoyed but this one probably tops the list. Love, love, love! All the more since it features two sisters about the same age as my girls with similar mannerisms and quirks.

Watching the girls in the movie explore their backyard full of secret passageways and magical lands reminds me of our many adventures in our extended backyard. With curiosity and adventurous spirits, our backyard becomes a place for fairies or monsters or passages to Africa.

Brennyn sang this song to herself while lollygagging her way down the stairs and hall to come give me a kiss goodnight tonight.

“I love to explore,
Oh I loooooovvvveee to exploooorree
With my family!
And I explore and find my mommy with a rainbow on her head!
Oh she always has a rainbow on her head…
And I have a rainbow on my head too
And mommies voice bounces off of the moon!” (she totally plagiarized this line from Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson’s space song ISS Is Somebody Listening!)

And the thing is, it does not matter where you live. Africa or a dessert or the city, if we follow our curiosity, we will find wonder and enchanted places. So today while doing some city shopping, I keep my eyes open for a respite from the stores. Before long I spot the secret passage, secret only to those too busy to notice, and I duck in.

One moment I am in a crowded parking lot off a busy highway, the next I am here.


Tranquility found simply because I was looking.

30X30 Nature Challenge continues.


4 thoughts on “Nature and the City

    • This movie was recommended on the Kids Media app (as is the Red Balloon!) as one of the best for kids. Hard to find though. Expensive to order in Canada so I ended up ordering it in the US and Bal picked up when he was down there. So worth it though! Brilliant!

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