Love, Nature

After Kaya’s meltdown yesterday, I fretted over what was at the heart of her sadness. Surely it was not just because she couldn’t play her music perfectly. I wonder if something has happened at school, but if it has, she’s not talking. So I fret about her being 6 and already not talking to me. But the thing is, this is Kaya. Since she was a wee baby. So I fret about that.

This morning at school, the mother of Kaya’s best little buddy tells me that her girl was crying this morning because Kaya wasn’t playing with her. So I fret about them having their first little tiff or that one was mean to the other or peer pressure was at play. Oh I am just wrought with worry.

Then I am dropping Brennyn off for preschool, and another mom saw a few grade 7 girls be mean and call another girl in their class names. That girl ran away and was crying across the field. Oh I just wanted to run over and hug that girl. But Brennyn is with me and I need to get her in preschool. Fortunately, as we enter I see another woman walking nearby stop to help. When I am leaving, I see a teachers arm around the girl taking her inside.

All of it is just leaving me sad and full of despair.

To combat the sad, I peruse the #findinglove hashtag in my instagram feed (thanks to Hailey of 365 Gratefuls) and get closer to a happy, love-filled mood. After a few errands, I pick up my dog and we head out for a quick hike before I need to be back to pick up Brennyn.

Along the way, I can not stop #findinglove! A heart in a tree and tons of heart rocks leading me up, up, up to the viewpoint. And I guess along the way, I accept that I will worry about my girls, I will fret and feel angst and feel their pain but that I will be there too, to guide that the more love we seek, the more love we find and the more love that finds us.

And my girls will know too, that if all else fails, do get out in nature because it is just brimming with love. From today.loverocksbrohm

A collection of love from the past few months.IMG_4842












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