Simple Pleasures- by Miss B

Today I am following my three-year-olds lead. After Brennyn tells me she wants to bike to swim lessons, I quickly agree and decide maybe it’s time I just do as she does instead of getting endlessly frustrated at how slow and distracted everything gets done (or not done…)prettydirt

To be honest, I am just in no mood for the battle today. The battle with her to get dressed, get shoes on, keep up on our walk to school, finish eating, clean up after herself, follow a simple direction… So I surrender. And in so doing, I release myself of the frustration to be on time or get anything done. Today, I follow. In resignation but to understand too.

She shows me up immediately by insisting we set-off for the pool now. Twenty minutes earlier than I would have so suddenly her slow-pace is kicking my ass.

Though along the way she stops pedaling mid-intersection to stare at buttercups. Another time she stops, stays stopped and seemingly forgets what she’s doing in order to sing and be.

Confession time. I try to wang-dangle my way back into leading at this point. “Hurry Up Brennyn!” on more than one occassion as well as a “Brennyn, come on!” said in as exasperated sigh as you can imagine.

At the pool now, while she is in her lesson, I regroup. Follow her, I encourage myself, relate with her on her level… Breathing deeply, I let go of the hurry and by the time the lesson is finished, I am ready.

First we have snacks in the grass. A slow, leisurely snack under the sun as we talk teachers and friends and red balloons.

Because she was given a red, helium balloon after lessons and well, hello, a floating balloon that gets tied on to her bike? Hip hip hooray! Only once tied to her bike, it keeps getting in her way or bonking her head. Amidst a sea of giggles she suggests we put the balloon on Mommy’s bike. Happiness is a floating red balloon on your bike. Yes indeed.redballoon

We stop shortly thereafter to push her bike up a mini hill. Stop again to watch a garbage truck. We always stop for garbage trucks! We stop because there is a yellow car. Out of nowhere we go super fast and I struggle to catch up to the surprise momentum.

Stopping this time for a rather large hill, we stop to smell the newly blooming lupins. We stay awhile.flowergaze

When suddenly it occurs to Brennyn that this would be a great spot to blow bubbles (because along with the balloon, she was given bubbles!) bubbles

Bubbles are blown. Blowing red balloons are watched. Flowers are sniffed.

Back on our bikes says Brennyn and we’re off. We make it a fair distance before spotting a ditch filled with blowy dandelions.fieldblowies Of course, we stop. We pick, we blow. We wish.redballoonsblowfield

Wishes aplenty, dispersed joyously upwards and onwards.blowies “What did you wish for B?” I ask.

“That butterfly and those flowers we saw and my red balloon.” Wishes that already are, because what more could she want for on this day.

Lessons in leadership and life.yellowstand


I wrote this earlier as Brennyn napped. Pictures didn’t get added until tonight. Which means all hell broke loose between naptime and now. Sigh. Big sister entered the picture and well, wow. Not sure I’ve seen a meltdown quite like the one she had today. With a very full week behind us, piano practice did not happen like it usually does. There is nothing Kaya hates more than not knowing something, especially when she should. We learned today that she is not good at ‘cramming’. She tries to learn her 2 songs, gets frustrated and just completely freezes. Then cries. Then shakes and moany cries. Fortunately my day with Brennyn had me in a calm place so I just let her be. Let her cry. 40 minutes later though, she was still going strong. Crying and not playing. Eventually I leave her to go check on B upstairs and only when I am gone does she try again. She is pissed. Which makes her mess up more which makes her more pissed and so on. A song she would normally breeze through has her completely flustered. I text her piano teacher with a heads up and expect the worst. Dinner, bath, bed and by 8:05 on a Wednesday, I do pour myself a big ol’ glass of wine. With licorice. And pretzels. Because I’m not sure what I’m craving and need to cover all my basis (no chocolate in the house dammit!)

Fortunately following Brennyn’s simple pleasures in the morning allowed me to calmly handle the chaos later on, instead of losing it myself. So grateful for that!


2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures- by Miss B

  1. Oh my goodness! Eb and flow baby! Eb and flow! That sounds like a great start to the day though. I might just be inspired to blow some dandelions with my little gal tomorrow! BTW, have you seen The Red Balloon? The girls would love it. It was on Netflix too, but here is the link on Youtube (get past the loud blue screen at the beginning).

    • Every Friday we get a movie from the library and every Friday I suggest The Red Balloon but something else is always chosen. I will be sure to get it this week! Thanks for the recommendation. Hope you find some blowy dandelion wishing fun today 🙂

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