Nature is a Girls Best Medicine

This morning I woke up with cramps. Ladies, you know what that means. Only I was shocked because I did not realize it was coming, at all. The week leading up to my menstruation usually involves lots of chocolate and salt (Salted Dark Chocolate anyone? Mmmmmm), a fair amount of snapping, and a whole lot of bitchiness. This past week I did not once question my worth, happiness or looks.

What I did do was get out in nature. A lot. howesound

Thank you Mother Nature. Thank you David Suzuki and the 30X30 Nature Challenge.

Though I am in nature a lot, I was even more so this past week thanks to those two things and I do believe it made a difference.

Of course, if you are suffering right now from a bout of PMS, you are no doubt thinking I am full of shit. (A side-effect of detoxing indeed but from what I can tell, nothing more than usual while naturing!)

I can totally relate with that as even this morning with the cramps in full force, all I wanted to do was close the blinds so I couldn’t see the gorgeous day outside, curl up with chocolate milk, chips and Doctor Who and hide. Oh I grumbled at Bal and was impatient with B. But I’m on a Nature Challenge so grudgingly made myself go out.

Too hot for running shoes, too crampy for hills, too bored to go on the usual river walk, too grumpy to see other humans… Narrowing down a place to go is proving difficult. As am I… Sigh.

But I do it. I get out. To a stroll along the ocean.

And you know what happens right?

Joy arrives. Yup, joy amongst the cramps and tampons even.

How can it not with views like these.riverocean

Surrounded by a wide variety of birds swooping and fishing, I record one tweeting to me, naturally.

A seal, dragonfly, mussels, bees, bugs, butterflies worked their natural magic on me.beepurpletidalpools

This morning I feel lethargic and heavy but upon leaving the ocean, I am rejuvenated and light.

Nature therapy.


2 thoughts on “Nature is a Girls Best Medicine

  1. Oh, I had to giggle at this beginning of this one! ; )
    For the love of PMS! Your nature therapy looks incredible! LOVE the tweeting video! I wonder if my 30×30 challenge is going to make a difference for me this month? So far no. Still as cranky as ever. Dang. However, your posts did make me giggle, as I said! ; ) Vicarious therapy?!

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