For today’s 30X30challenge to get out in nature, we went to space. No biggy.

Well okay, we were in Kaya’s school gym singing along with Chris Hadfield who is in space, but it felt big, powerful, like we were there. Space.iss

Kaya and I have been watching all of Chris Hadfield’s videos from space so when she found out her school was going to sing with him, live, him in space, them on Earth, it was a very big deal. Huge. iss2

After donning a special dress, she practiced the song and twirled ecstatically until it was time to go to school.twir

Once there, it did not go without glitches. Their music teacher must have been freaking out inside, but on the outside, she played it cool telling the kids “Listen guys, if the technology doesn’t work or cuts out, just remember, he is IN SPACE and we are on Earth so this is not easy stuff right. We just have to be calm and smile and keep singing!” It did cut out. They did stay calm. And everyone happily, joyfully sang.

To Space!


Way back in March during spring break, we had a Space Day. We watched Chris Hadfield and Doctor Who and I surprised them with a sensory table full of planets and meteors and aliens.IMG_1136 The pretend play that was elicited was inspired! In no time I had to unravel a full paper towel just to get to the roll part so we could make rocketships and they blasted off from one planet to another and in no time created their own galaxies around the house. IMG_1145IMG_1144Absolutely brilliant!

Since the weather surprised us with some blue skies, we decided to take our Space Play outside and headed for the ocean. Well seriously, could there have been a more perfect place to go?

Where rocketships had landed,IMG_1146

And Alien lifeforms are encountered.IMG_1147

Eventually we make it back home where I have surprised the girls with Alien food which quickly, through a whole mess of giggles, turns into Alien Boogers. Apparently, they’re a delicacy in these parts.IMG_1148


As part of Space Day above, I use this StoryStarter from Spark Your Imagination “You dig up an enormous glowing meteor in your backyard while helping to plant a tree. What happens next?” IMG_1149

Of course, it includes a rainbow.

As does her dream recently that she went to space with Mary Poppins and Chris Hadfield where she wore a rainbow SpaceSuit and sang songs with them. Love.

Since she relayed this dream to me, she has since added that ‘Oh, by the way, the Tardis (not Tortoise mom, the Tardis) came to get us too and we went with Doctor Who way way way far away in space.’


For math right now, Kaya’s class is learning shapes. This is what she made.Kshaperocket


We love space, so I had to share but just so you know, we got a whole lot of time in nature too. Brennyn and I headed up to the lake after swim lessons and on one of our little exploring walks while escaping the hot sun, we happened upon a turtle! I’m a bit of a turtle fanatic so this was a very exciting turn of events!turtlespyturtlelog

And after school, well, the slip n’ slide that Gramma brought got set up and the kids played from 3:30 to 6:30 until I finally dragged them in for dinner.slipnslide Play is alive and well in our neck of the woods!


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