Nature +

Doing the David Suzuki Nature Challenge to spend at least 30 minutes a day in nature. On a day such as this, we reverse that and spend only about 30 minutes indoors. Because not taking advantage of these glorious days would be sinful.

Our town has an outdoor school that hosts school kids for camps that teaches them about ecology, biology and sustainability by way of experiential learning. Every May they host an open house so that everyone can come see what they’re all about. While always a fantastic day visiting the salmon spawning channels, farm, Bighouse, and forest trails, Sundays weather helped it to be a downright brilliant one. Even better? Gramma was in town so she got to lollygag far behind with Miss Brennyn while Kaya ran from one fun activity to the next. GrammaB

Among the highlights were Kaya petting a baby goat (the girl never touches anything so this was big!), cooking bannock over a big fire and eating it all up,bighousebannock and getting out in the canoe.excitedcanoegirlscanoe We saw an eagle and a bat and wee little coho fry that students were counting and releasing. Oh, and Kaya would like me to mention the popcorn and cake pops we ate while waiting for the canoe.cakepop

Home beckons after a whole lot of sun tires us out and after a brief respite from the sun with some cartoons, a neighbor sets up his bouncy castle. Second wind by the kids while the adults lounge with cold beer. BBQ salmon and a summery salad for dinner, then a walk to the newly opened ice cream shop across the street.
The kids come inside 5 minutes before bedtime, have a quick shower that blackens the tub for all the dirt and nature they’ve been in today, and let the snores commence 30 seconds after that.

What a day!


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