Exercise With Humour

“Dude, what are you doing to me?” screams my muscles.

Yesterday, straight up a mountain? Followed up with movement, any movement, today? Forgive my muscles snarky tone but they simply aren’t used to such nonsense.

This morning Brennyn and I meet a friend at the library so B can bike, and we can run behind her along the ocean. It seemed like a good idea in the beautiful blue morning as I was lounging on the couch drinking coffee.

Then reality arrives and my calves are pissed. runwithfriendsFortunately, ‘running’ with Brennyn means many a stop for breaks, snacks and far too many crashes. Sad for B sure, but sadder for me who has to bend my weary knees down to console her over and over again. At any rate, it’s a gorgeous day for a run/walk/chit-chat/drag-a-bike and my calves, knees and muscles survive the morning.runsnacklog

Only then the afternoon comes. Cue foreboding music…

I pick Kaya up from Wacky Hair school day crazyhairand I think the wackiness has sunk into her bones. She wavers between having the grumpies and the crazies, both of which must be contagious because somewhere between snapping at the dog and cheering on Kaya’s crazy cartwheels, I decide to try one myself. Cartwheel that is.

My muscles pretty much desert me at this point, though one or two get downright bitchy and pull themselves into a right state of misery.

Meditation for tomorrow’s nature challenge perhaps?

Only my morning includes Zumba and Kaya mentioned afternoon Hoola Hoops…



One thought on “Exercise With Humour

  1. What a beauty day for the sights of the ocean, walking, trotting or running. ; ) I think I am the only one of my photograph taking friends that forgot a photo of crazy hair day! Dang! Why did that slip my mind! What a fun bit of spirit at school, eh? Love the twisties in their hair! Great idea! Will have to get a redo! ; ) Hope that an epsom salt bath is in your future! And YAY for Zumba again! Have fun!

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