30X30 Nature Challenge

Well hello again! It’s been awhile. Hand-written journaling combined with Instagram ‘story’ telling in photos combined with my journal/photo app Day One has kept me away. Actually didn’t have any intention to be back today but then I decided to join David Suzuki’s 30X30 Nature Challenge and I thought, well why don’t I come back to my blog with a bang and commit to a daily post about our Nature Challenge.

So here I am! Happily.

The challenge is to spend at least 30 minutes every day in nature. Truth be told, this is not so much a challenge for our family, especially in May so for me it’s more of an intent to support, inspire and be inspired by. By seeing the creativity and activities and energy that surely must come from people spending more time out doors.


Day 1 is a gorgeous, welcoming day to be outside. Brennyn has her last swim lesson for the session and we decide to bike, rather than drive there today. photo 1

After her lesson, we snack outside watching a chaotic, though hilarious, ‘game’ of soccer by preschoolers. Afterwards we hop on our bikes to go the river but get sidetracked by a bountiful field of ‘my favouritest flower in the world!’ (said by one dandelion-obsessed 3-year-old!) Yellow ones combined with Blowing ones makes for ‘the best stop EVER!’photo 3

And it really is the best stop ever. Absorbing her delight, I jump off my bike with her, run into the field and pick, blow, laugh and roll. Then we try to blow them at each other. Then try laying down with no hands and blowing. Then cheers each others dandelions, which became sword fighting dandelions. Fun, fun, and more fun.photo 2

Eventually we get back on our bikes (only after mommy’s pockets are filled with dandelions), and bike to our favourite picnic spot.photo 5

Often while here, we pretend play fairies and princesses (and mommy is usually assigned the role as dragon or monster) but today we need to practice up our camping skills.photo 4

After pretend fishing and catching dinner, we build a firepit, fire and BBQ salmon overtop. Mmmmmm. Then we go exploring for sticks to roast marshmellows. Of course!

Brennyn has had a rough few weeks. Quick to cry or throw a tantrum and grumpy, a lot. Her best little buddy moved away and Bal was gone for a week and she’s had a persistent cold… So today felt extra good. Just me and her. In the sun. Pretend playing and lots of snuggles. She needed this. So did I.

An absolutely perfect way to start off our Nature Challenge.photo 2-1


3 thoughts on “30X30 Nature Challenge

  1. Oh what a fun challenge! Can’t wait to follow along! I love that nature is so not hard to observe for 30 minutes a day! It should be, eh? The photo of B blowing dandelions looks sooooo much like Kaya! Holy! I did a double take! Well I also joined a 30 day challenge this month – Smoothies. No too difficult as we often have smoothies in the morning, but this time they are going to be more recipe delicious and less kitchen sink questionable. I suppose we are nurturing our insides this month. ; )

    • If you come up with any amazing non-banana smoothies, be sure to let me know! I love smoothies but do not love bananas so find myself limited on the good ones. I love juicing but sometimes a thick smoothy is needed to fill the tummy 🙂

      • Here’s a tip I have picked up along the way…Bananas are usually added for their “sweet” quality. You substitute a couple Medjool dates for a banana perhaps. However, I will definitely send a couple other non-banana smoothie recipes your way. ; )

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