Love Is…

Instead of focusing on what I don’t like about Valentines Day, today I shall focus on all the things there are to love, not about a day, but about a life.

Love is…

Dinner out with friends (whereby the kids ditch us for barstools and the hockey game!)IMG_9039

Being brave.IMG_9103

Fresh perspectives.IMG_9137

Treasures. If not in her treasure box, Brennyn’s most beloved items go above her bed. IMG_9220

Crinkly noses of delight.IMG_9223

Cozy snuggles and brilliant reads.IMG_9336

Love is reinstated movie nights. Milo & Otis and Despicable Me, 2 recent faves.IMG_9316

Love is looking up,IMG_9430IMG_9435

and looking down.IMG_9438IMG_9122

Love is spontaneous captures of childhood at play.IMG_9498 IMG_9436

Love is friends and Science World for a day of playIMG_9553IMG_9551

and finding honesty with a sense of humour.IMG_9501

Love is inspiration and learning and rainbows (of course)science

Love is family and this year BC’s first ever Family Day. We take advantage with a discounted day on the mountain watching one girl find her balance and one girl soar.IMG_9558

Kids introduce us to the secrets of the mountain- hideaway tree forts and magic castles- hoorah!IMG_9632IMG_9654

Love is trust.IMG_9668
Love is happy.IMG_9440
Love is yippee!IMG_9437
Yup, Love is.


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