Treasure Hunting

Darting my head from one side to another, I duck deeper into the leave-less forest and feel my way along the emerald moss. Sun rays blast through a collection of clustered alders while I shimmy along a nursing log.

A stick snaps causing me to snap to attention. Must not be found out. I glance around again. Nobody. All clear.

My heart pounds.

Eyes scan.

Beneath the canopy of giant firs, my compass jumps all about. I close my eyes, imagining.

Deep breath and I open them, seeing more this time than I did before. Allowing intuition and creativity to guide me.

Aha, there!

Camouflaged in the wrinkles of Cottonwood bark, a box. Or cache if you will. This treasure that has eluded me, finally found.

The contents of the box are irrelevant. For the quest is the thing. Journeying to new places, or familiar ones from a new perspective, and peeling back the layers to reveal the riches that abound.

Tell me, have you geocached yet?

photo 4photo 5-1

Nature's treasures abound when you are looking.

Nature’s treasures.

photo 4aphoto 5photo 1-1photo 2a


2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting

  1. Nooooo! Not yet! But I must be getting closer to it! I have an iPod now, but I likely need a signal, eh? Ah, Kevin’s phone perhaps. One day – YES! I love the excitement of the hunt in this post! yay!

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