Brave Move

For years, I have managed to avoid skating. Without kids, it was easy. By the time Kaya was ready to give it a go, I was pregnant and/or with baby so had an excuse. I think I did manage to get on a pair of skates when Brennyn was a baby, but only because I had her in the stroller so had ready-made support. But now B is ready to skate herself. And I am out of excuses.

What am I afraid of?

Knocking myself unconscious maybe, but more likely I’m scared of looking the fool.

A while back, Kaya was scared to try something new. I don’t push her, feeling that perhaps she’s just not ready yet. Until she whispers, “Mom, I am not brave. I’m too scared to try that.” Immediately I knew she had to get on. “Baby, you can be scared but you can also be brave. Everybody who is brave, is also scared you know!” She gives me the are-you-making-this-shit-up? face but soon works up her courage, and gets on.

Ever since, when my kids are hesitant to try something, I encourage “we can just be scared or we can be scared and brave together”.

Time to remind myself to do the same.

After our ice pond visit whereby I do not even bring my skates, I nudge myself to give it a go next time. Scared and brave.

Since Kaya is currently in ski school on Monday’s, Brennyn and I have an entire day to spend in Whistler. Last Monday happened to be a gorgeous one, and I would delay it no longer. I rent a pair of cushy skates, and Brennyn and I (with some friends) go for a skate. photo 2-1

Of course, I quickly realize there is nothing to fear. Though not pretty or graceful, I am out there giving it a go and that’s really all anybody cares about, if they’re even looking at all. This is a huge issue for Kaya right now. Caring what other people think. Wanting to be perfect at something right away or at the very least, wanting to perfect it before doing it in front of others. Such a lesson to learn and one I hope she learns far faster than I have…

Scared and brave together, my love, scared and brave together.


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