Taking Advantage

This January has been spectacular. Usually this time of year brings persistent gray and rainy days culminating for me, and so many others, into the full-out BLAHS. So a few days ago when the forecast shifted from predominantly sunny to clouds and rain, I began the work of preparing myself.

My preparations were for naught when the first day arrives and I state the obvious, “the rain has arrived” in as menacing and doom-filled tone as I can muster.

To which Brennyn pipes up, “Hooray! I can jump in puddles!”

Thank goodness for children.

Right there I aim to change my outlook. We appreciate the paths being cleared of the ice and snow and we puddle jump (though to be honest this only reminds me there is a hole in my boot, I need to buy a new pair, and now my feet are freakin cold…) One of the days, I am happy to volunteer in Kaya’s class and on another, Brennyn and I spend the day baking pumpkin chocolate chip toffee muffins, curled up reading books, and hosting jam sessions. B, true to rocker form, gets a little carried away…photo 4-1

I decide, on those gloomy, rainy days to take advantage. Take advantage of some book reading, getting some cleaning done, going shopping without desiring to be outside the whole time. Take advantage of cozy, lazy, curled up days. Ah, I love me some coziness!

Then, just as I’ve got myself convinced that I looooovvvvee rainy days, a surprise, not-in-the-forecast partially sunny day arrives.

And I totally take advantage of that!photo 3-2photo 1-2

Though chillier and lonelier, picnics in January are no less fantastic.photo 4-2

And it simply means that we follow our picnic up with a café visit for hot coffee and hot chocolate. Today’s provides glorious sunlight, hot drinks and a simple, though glorious smelling potted flower at our table that is yellow and if you are Brennyn, anything is great if it is yellow! I concur.

My girl regales me with a story (using her story prompt cards) about witches and dragons and silly boy frogs named BooBoo DuDu.

photo 2-2

Whether outside, or inside, I am learning to take advantage of whatever our everyday provides. I promise to check back in with that after 10 days straight of rain…


2 thoughts on “Taking Advantage

  1. Oh my goodness, B in that hat – gorgeous! Is that a photo of that hot fire pot soup? YAY for picnics on Nexen. Karis and I were there a few weeks ago! Such a breath of fresh air!

    • Yes it was a picture of that soup. Of which I made again but only had half a stalk of lemongrass and no thai basil. Amazing how missing 1.5 ingredients makes such a difference. Still yummy but not near as delish.

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