More Lessons, More Eagles

IMG_8252There was my way and then there was my families way.

My way was taking the family exactly the same route I saw all the eagles.

My family had other ideas. Which I resist, at first. Until I let go. Not naturally, but a quick shift in my thinking. Flexibility is beginning to come easier.

So begins one of our greatest of family days.

We go to where I did see the eagles, though we approach it from the opposite side. Allowing me a new experience instead of simply recreating what I had experienced last time.

Last time, of course, was exquisite in its peace and serenity. Just me and my dog, traversing the trails while eagles soared above and the ice crunched rhythmically below.

Today is peaceful too, though in an entirely different way. Today there is my dog and my husband and my kids. Peace comes by way of giggles and follow the leader and treasure finding. The experience is louder, but no less serene, our family adventuring together. IMG_8157IMG_8250

My kids are too busy running away to snap their photo, so I snap away at our breathtaking surroundings with blasts of laughter and “Look at this Mamma!” and screeches for me to catch up. Lyrical screeches. _1KF1601_1KF1604_1KF1580_1KF1574_1KF1594IMG_8152IMG_8251

After much exploring, and a few far away eagles, we join the trail I had seen the most eagles on.

Wow to the wow again today.

But again, differently.

Last time the eagles were busy, flying to and fro, and often away from Riley and I.

Today they are content to sit and watch._1KF1613_1KF1662_1KF1638

Kaya teaches us what she’s learned. They have 7000 feathers. Their babies are called eaglets. “That one there,” she points, “must be a girl because she’s really big and the girl ones are bigger!”_1KF1621

Perhaps mimicking my day out with my family, the eagles are a lot noisier today, the forest filled with calls and warnings and songs. Truly spectacular to hear and to witness the process in action so close._1KF1670_1KF1673

As the grumbles in the belly begin, we pull out a couple of granola bars for the walk back to the car. Later, back home drawing a cartoon of our day, Kaya asks “Do you know what is the best thing ever?”

“Eagles?” Daddy guesses.

“Mommy?” Mommy cheekily responds.

Family!” she wisely advises.


Kaya and I make an eagle cartoon of our day. She's the left. I'm the right. Yes, I know, hers is better :)

Kaya and I make an eagle cartoon of our day. She’s the left. I’m the right. Yes, I know, hers is better! ‘Bored eagle. Tapping eagle. Booty shaking eagle. Belting a tune eagle. Fly away eagle. Party Pooper eagle. Find a new party eagle.’


3 thoughts on “More Lessons, More Eagles

  1. Ha- love those drawings!! Gorgeous photos Kari! We went on an eagle walk this weekend and I just love hearing the eagle-learning that Kamille’s picked up from school! So great to hear our girls share their smarts! ; )

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