Eagles Galore

After being brutally sick for a week, I can not take another day indoors. My mind and body are grumpy! Regardless of this persistent cough, raspy voice and limited energy, on Wednesday I tell myself, regardless the weather, Thursday I need to get myself and my dog out for a walk. Gloriously, Mother Nature agrees and gives me a nudge and hug through clear skies, late sun rises, and crisp brisk air.

January is prime eagle visiting time here so I bring my zoom lense just in case. Just in case indeed. For two hours I walk along the snow covered riverside and see at least 50 eagles. Some far, soaring high overhead.
eaglesoar Some close, almost intimidatingly so. _1KF1511

As I always am with eagles, I am struck by their majesty, their power, their grace.


From a distance, I can see one tree with 8 eagles on it and head that way. Whether it’s Riley’s presence or my retched cough, most of them fly off before we get near. Two are quite content though, one up high and one below. _1KF1471

Perhaps it’s the giddy rush of fresh air, or just the fact that my voice works now so I can, but I start talking to the eagles. This here is Snow White. I thank her for choosing such a prime spot and inquire whether she wouldn’t mind soaring overhead so I can capture her beauty and strength. She ignores me while keeping an eagle eye on my doggy._1KF1485

Next I spot Cranky Old Man. Seriously, doesn’t he look it? I know, I know, giving these amazing creatures human characteristics does them no justice but this guy is so Cranky Old Man to me._1KF1487

Then he shocks me by suddenly taking off, and he seems more Wise Old Sage than Cranky Old Man. Stunning._1KF1489_1KF1490

Eventually I get as far as I can alongside the river, so duck up a trail into my favourite stream-side forest trail.

Wow to the Wow.

Looking up, oh I feel small, small in the infinite sense.infinite me

Looking down, oh yikes, just about step on this head, my head in the air as it was, looking down is all about the cycle of life.fishhead

Enclosed in the trees, seeing the eagles here is more intimate. Their size, their grandeur is in my face, no escaping it with scale and distance under the open skies.

Ready for take-off._1KF1515_1KF1521

Love this guy doing a dance. Or sharpening her talons…_1KF1531

Their wingspan is just enormous! And their ability to soar through the tangle of branches, impressive._1KF1544_1KF1556_1KF1543

Later in the day when I pick up Kaya from school, she informs me that they had a presentation on Eagles today. She teaches me about their feathers, colours and growth span. I show her these pictures. Next week her class is going on a nature walk to observe Eagles. I will join them and can not wait to learn more!


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