Sick and Beauty

Waking up feeling lousy last Thursday, I am grateful the girls are going for a playdate for a couple of hours. Still, there is stuff to get done. You know, two hours of grocery shopping, errands, cleaning, boom, boom, boom and done!

I manage to drop off our overdue library books, but that is all. My chest feels tight, body tired, stomach queasy and the call of a stroll in the fresh air wins out over all those chores. Honestly, without my New Years thoughts swirling around outside excursions, I otherwise might have gone home to curl up in bed for those precious two hours, but here I am and so I shall walk.

Looking North.IMG_7879

And South.IMG_7878

Various birds chatter and call as I crunch over snow, slide over ice and trip over roots.IMG_7839

Suddenly infused with energy, I march on further than I thought I would, or possibly should have. Can you see those Canada Geese taking flight? Bad picture, awesome moment. Just me and their honks. Roots and wings.IMG_7851

Heading back now, my energy wains. Fighting, fighting this flu.

No checks off my list perhaps, energy depleted, but my spirit feels full. My soul, full.

Check and check afterall.IMG_7877


One thought on “Sick and Beauty

  1. Oh, I can almost breathe in the air in these gorgeous photos! i imagine it was just what you would have needed on this day…however,now on to the next post to see how the rest of your day went….(ps. that exact thursday morning, I also had two hours in the morning while the girls went to a playdate. woo hoo. i sat in a coffee shop and menu planned and cleaned up my computer a bit. ; )

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