Dear Brennyn, (3.5 years)

IMG_9223Dear Brennyn, (3.5 years even though I am 1.5 months late)
Be Curious. Be Brave. Be You.

From our favourite book Be Happy.

And I just love how you hear that as B (is) happy, B (is) brave… Every time you hear the word Be in fact, you squeal that’s for me cuz it is me! Fortunately we do not have a book called Be Naughty (even though sometimes B (is) naughty!)

You are experimenting with lying these days and the scary thing is, you’re really, really good at it. The other day you come running up to me before naptime, “Mom I really had a real pee!” which was great but leaves me to wonder how many times have you fake peed when I’ve asked you to go. Yesterday again, you tell me you had a ‘real pee’ even though it seemed like you were done quite quickly. So I question you “Are you sure? Are you being honest with mommy?” Adamant yeses all around. An hour into nap, you pee your bed and admit your lie.

Another time you convince your whole class, including your teachers, that one of the baby dolls at school is yours. I don’t know this. I just come to school while you’re outside playing, see a baby in your backpack, know it is not yours, take it out and pack up all your stuff not giving it another thought. Then I get an email from another mom that her girl brought home the baby to give to you in the morning. Only the baby is not yours… So I ask you about it. You lie. I ask you again. You tell another lie. I ask you again (honestly trying not to laugh as I watch your face try to concoct a plausible story!) to which you say “Well my teachers don’t even want 3 babies so I tooked it home with me, for love!” Trying to stifle a snort laugh, we have a little chat about lying and stealing. You are 3! The next morning your friend brings you your baby that is not your baby and we then make a trip to preschool on a day that is not your preschool day to apologize to your teachers for taking the baby. Which you do, possibly too easily, leaving me wonder if I needed to instill more fear in you!

Beside this experimentation time with truths and lies, you love yourself a little drama. That expressive face of yours lets us know very clearly whether you are joyful or angry or sad or embarrassed. Your cry, well, it can be heartbreaking to see or kinda hilarious, depending on the circumstances!IMG_5768

I will always remember you at this time with at least one bandaid adorning your body. Every fall, bump or simply blue day is made better with the application of a bandaid, topped off with a mamma’s kiss.

You love the word super. “That’s super yummy!” or “I’m super funny!” or “That’s super silly!”
You kid, are super!

You are obsessed with all things yellow. It truly didn’t matter what present you opened at Christmas, if it was yellow, it was a winner._1KF0473

You crack me up every time you say ‘lovely’. “It’s a lovely day isn’t it mamma?”

You’re a bit of a nutter, always, always trying to make us laugh.IMG_8838IMG_9371photo 4-1gangnampiano Oppa Gangnam-style dancing while Kaya practices her C-scale certainly succeeds in that.

You have a wicked imagination that manifests itself into pretend play at the dolly house or kitchen or with babies. The other day it’s just you and me so I ask what you want to do “PLAY DOLLY HOUSE!” is your reply. Since the sun is shining on this February day, I grimace and encourage we go outside instead.
“Dolly house!” you insist.
“Outside!” I push.
“Dolly house!”
“Dolly house”

We are at a stand-still.

Normally I don’t encourage bringing toys along with us as we explore outside (since you are far more imaginative with nature’s toys!) but on this day we compromise.

“How about your bring some of your dolly toys to the river and then we can play dolly house outside?” I suggest.

Eyes wide, mouth gaping you begin jumping up and down as if this was the best idea you had ever heard.

You totally forgot about the dollies once we arrive at the river but since it was our deal, I pull them out. After a rousing game of Hide n Seek, we learn why we don’t normally bring toys to the river after losing one elephant and one Strawberry Shortcake to the sand.pretendplayriver

You recover the loss quickly and we hop on our bikes to set off for home. “Thanks for the adventure mommy! That was so much fun for me!” You are so, so good at these authentic moments of gratitude and though I try to bike over and smother your helmet in kisses, you giggle and race away. Girl, you are fast!IMG_5390

When you are not screeching “NO KAYA NO KAYA NO!!!!”, your sisterly relationship slays me._1KF8864vdaylove

Finally, I guess the last big thing you should know about yourself at 3, is that you are a gifted storyteller. Using story cards, you weave an impressive tale (with no clear beginning, purpose or finale but a grand tale nonetheless!)IMG_9027 You love to ‘read’ me books, many of which you have memorized impressively (Pete the Cat is your fave!) Even writing, you print out lines of what looks like hieroglyphics of what I am sure is a fabulous read. You belt out songs, and if you don’t remember or know the words, you make up your own, loudly and proudly. You even speak Alien. Often and without hesitation. None of us have a bloody clue what you are talking about, but you seem confident enough in your exchange.

dinoroar_1KF0153 _1KF9976-2_1KF9709-2_1KF9117IMG_3843

Brennyn, you are hilarious and mischievous, silly and nutty and at times aggravating and stubborn too. But mostly you are just fun and funny!

With infinite huggles and love,


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