Mother Nature and Me

“You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.” –Saint Bernard

2013 begins rather dreary like. Grey and gloomy, the morning calls for a veg-out sort of day filled with blankets and books and tea. Only it is the first day of the year and I, as so many of us do, had been listing my wants for the year ahead. Words such as Wonder, Adventure, Explore, Be Outside, Nature, Presence, Gratitude fill my page. As much as I adore reading my books, I want to start off the year with intention. With action.

So we decide to head back up to the Whistler Olympic Park for the kids to do more sledding and for me to step outside my comfort zone and try some skate-skiing cross-country. The day before, I had watched a lesson up here. “I can do that. I know how to downhill and how to do the skate ski motion.” So I rent the equipment without the lesson.IMG_7767

Just in case you didn’t know and were curious, downhill skiing and skate skiing are nothing alike. At all. Zilch. The balance is different, the motions, the muscles, the stance. Nothing is the same. Besides being on top of snow.IMG_7770

But I wanted adventure. To explore and be outside and marvel at the nature around.IMG_7775

Which I so get.IMG_7771

I also get a damn good workout.

Not to mention some mighty fine butt bruises from all the falls.

I may not have looked graceful out there, but stepping outside my comfort zone gives me a boost of courage and accomplishment that I never could have felt had I stayed home to read a good book.IMG_7772

There are many lessons on this day. Some I teach myself. Some come by trial and error. Some come with the wisps of sunny rays reaching out between the trees. They are lessons of persistence and courage, letting go of what others think and solitude. Lessons best learned first-hand with the guiding hand of Mother Nature doing her thing.IMG_7773


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