The Holidays- Outdoor Edition

Though I love me some cozy days at home wrapped in blankets reading great books, I am most at home on a trail in the great outdoors. Fortunately, pink eye does not leave us flat-out at home in a bed, so we embark on many an adventure this week in the snow.

Snow angels,IMG_6817IMG_6818

loads of sledding,IMG_7163IMG_7394

snowy strolls,IMG_7389

building snowgirls,IMG_7396IMG_7391IMG_7392

along with a whole lot of snowy giggles!IMG_7395IMG_6840

A short work-week after Christmas means Daddy is off work again and we take a trip to the Aquarium to check out the Polar Express 4D show again! This year, Brennyn is older and not so overwhelmed with the sound and size of it all so we all enjoy the fast-paced 4D version of the show.IMG_7486IMG_7487

Okay yes, this is mostly indoors, but as is evident by this cheeky sign at the aquarium, there’s a fair bit of outdoor space too. Seriously people, feeding wildlife is not cute, it is harmful!IMG_7494 IMG_7590IMG_7592

On our way home, the girls fall asleep, but I just can’t pass up a stop on this gorgeous day at Porteau Cove for some treasure hunting in the sun. For Christmas, the girls received handmade treasure boxes from their Gampa. _1KF1419treasureboxesSuch a brilliant, special gift! Though they wake up groggy and out of it after a short sleep in the car, they perk up immediately at mention they can search for treasures for their boxes.IMG_7498 Rocks, shells, and sticks fill our pockets in no time as we beachcomb in the brilliant wintertime sun.IMG_7505IMG_7595
The greatest treasure of the day though? This picture of the four of us all smiling at the same time! Phew, not an easy feat but we got it!IMG_7593

December 31st, the last day of the year and my birthday, arrives and pink eye has now spread to B and to me. No parties or gatherings for us so we head up to the Whistler Olympic Park for a day of sledding together. IMG_7644IMG_7669IMG_7686IMG_7691IMG_7718IMG_7719IMG_7624

After a couple of hours of sledding fun, we want to explore the snow!IMG_7715IMG_7708IMG_7717IMG_7710

Why yes, I’d love some red!IMG_7714IMG_7713

The last week of 2012 was filled with so much family joy, from cuddles on the couch watching movies, to great outdoor adventures in the snow. No better way to start 2013 than to be filled with this much gratitude!IMG_7709


2 thoughts on “The Holidays- Outdoor Edition

  1. What gorgeous treasure boxes! And I can’t thank mother nature enough for such a gorgeous holiday season! Yay for outdoor adventures. Porteau Cove looks great! I should get out there again one day. ; )

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