Holidays- Indoor Edition

The day after Christmas, Kaya gets pink eye. Which means no playdates with friends since it’s so contagious. On the bright side, cozy, quality time with my family makes this mamma a very happy one! The pink eye makes Kaya more tired than usual but not so much so that we’re stuck indoors. Mornings are spent outside in the snow, while this post focuses on our afternoons snuggle sessions. Hooray!

Before the gifts (and still after), there is a box to be played in. It becomes, over the course of the week, an airplane, rocket ship, boat, robot, castle, jack-in-the-box and hide-n-seek sweet spot. One giant box. Hours of entertainment. Who needs new toys? IMG_7054

Couch time includes another watching of Mary Poppins, half cuddled up, half with me taking down the Christmas tree.IMG_7421

There are a couple of new movies to watch too. Snuggles and popcorn, cuddles and sneaky naps. Heaven!

Oh, and there may have been a 2-episode marathon initiating my daughter into the world of Doctor Who…

Listen, the girl begged me and who am I to deprive her of the best TV ever?! The thing is, Kaya can read now so as I’m innocently perusing my PVR episodes from The 12 Days of Spacemas (!!), she reads ‘Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ and she must watch this show. Could my daughter be any more awesome?IMG_7272
We watch, she’s hooked and so we watch the Doctor Who Christmas special The Snowmen together too. Talk about quality time. Love, love, love!

After watching Mary Poppins and some Sci-Fi with her mamma, Kaya cuddles her Mary Poppins in Space picture, looks up at me with big (pink) eyes and asks “Mom, why’d you get this for me?”IMG_7286

“Because I saw it and I knew immediately that it was PERFECT for you and I thought it was totally cool.”

“Me too!” Whispering now, though her smile shouts, she gives me a heartfelt “Thank you mom” and that there is pretty much the only Christmas present I needed.

My girl, she kinda digs space. As proven when she accosts my Science magazine, cuts out her favourite photos and makes herself a collage of Crazy Planet.crazyplanet

Speaking of the awesomeness that is my daughter, she loves the microscope she got from Santa. “Another slide mom! Another! Oh, let’s go on a nature walk and collect things and look at them under the microscope!” Which, of course, we do. Pinecones and moss, pine needles and berries. Snowflakes are next up though we’re waiting for the pink eye to be completely gone!IMG_7295

Brennyn, over the course of this holiday, suddenly seems like a big kid. She’ll sit to craft (sit? craft?) and does some mean stamp art.IMG_7138

What a treat to have Kaya home from school at times where both of us are energized to create art. Honestly not sure who is loving Kaya’s new art book more, me or her. I think it’s a tie and totally ordered another in the series for my birthday!IMG_7408IMG_7413

The girls enjoyed each others company over the course of the holidays too. Without friends around, they immersed themselves into imaginative play with their new dollies, treasure boxes, puppets and music. Doing laundry, I hear a surprisingly rhythmic performance of

“I am one
and you are one
and we are all together one.
In the season,
in the sun,
we are all together one!”

Peeking in, I see this cuteness and love. Dress-up and drums.IMG_7299

Marching in, I join their song but totally ruin the harmony. Ah well, time for a puppet show anyways. I am ecstatic that they love their first nations puppets! Aren’t they just gorgeous? Each of us gives a performance and can I tell you the giggles that erupted from that room. There were birds trying to be spiderman and turtles wanting to be bees and flatulent stuffies and drumming dollies. Imaginations were soaring and I was savouring.IMG_7310
The stories and songs but also the support and encouragement, helping each other along if our story got, well, bland. Here’s Kaya drumming a tune for Brennyn’s Gangnam Style dancing Panda! IMG_7387

Pink eye and colds have nothing on this families quest for fun and adventure! Still, we are ready to meet up with friends again. We’re all excited to visit a couple different friends for New Years when we discover the pink eye has spread to Brennyn and to me. Instead of parties and drinks, Bal makes me a delicious Ahi Tuna for my birthday dinner, our fabulous little family cheers’ each other, the girls go to bed at their normal time, Bal and I miraculously find a movie we can both agree on (Looper!) and we are all fast asleep well before midnight rings in. Glamorous it was not, but quality time cozied up with my family, well I choose that every time.cheers


One thought on “Holidays- Indoor Edition

  1. So much to love about this post! Home time! Getting to know Kaya a bit more and just how amazing it is to hear of her interests developing (and even cool, is how excited you can get about it all with her!). Happy Birthday to you and cheers to a New Year! PS. I also can not believe how just a bit extra time home with Karis and I can’t believe how much older she seems in the past two weeks! Sigh!

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