Slip Sledding Away

The snow not only brings a clean slate for the soul, but a clean slate to launch ones body recklessly down a hill upon a sled. Oh the great joy of a sled/crazy carpet/toboggan/roundy spinner/zipfly/GT snowracer slide. At first carefully straight down sitting upon your bum, then in no time, headfirst launches as you belly bomb the sled. Then steering purposefully into the side ditches luge style. Oh add a dad or two to create a side course that launches you down into the ditch and up, up and away onto the main course, if you survive that far. Dogs chasing alongside, bumper sleds, races and take outs, there is a lot of reckless fun found on a inclined park road. IMG_6961IMG_7250IMG_7251

Then, after the dog jumped on my back on one trip down(oh yes she did!), and Kaya jumped on my back on another trip down (oh yes she did!), I need a break. Sitting at the top of the hill as giggles and squeals reverbarate around me, I look up to see magnificent floofy snowflakes flutter there way down, even as blue sky lies above and I marvel “Look! We’re in a snowglobe!” One friend nods before vaulting herself down with a “Waaaahooooo!” providing us nature’s music box.IMG_7252

After an hour of giggles and fun (and maybe a bruise or two), I ask if anyone would like to take a walk down to the lake with me. There are a chorus of ‘No thank you’s!’ as sledding is too fun, so Riley and I set off alone. I plan to just hit the lake there and back, but once there become captivated by the brilliant green of the moss underlying the crisp white of freshly fallen snow and I keep walking.IMG_7253 And walking.IMG_7254 And walking.IMG_7278

Until I am halfway around the lake with a smile as sparkly as all that snow.


Out there, on the dock on the other side of the lake and down a hill from whence we came, Riley and I can hear echos of laughter bouncing along the snowy trees to greet us. We are alone but for the whispers of joy from our starting point. Which only adds to the harmony of our moment, in a quiet calm only a blanket of snow can bring.IMG_7258

As we move on, the peaceful solitude turns to something slightly more adventurous as tree branches begin to buckle under the weight of the snow and we encounter a couple closeish calls. Just as I’m wondering how much it would hurt to have a branch hit me on it’s way down, a snowball makes a square impact on my noggin and I start plotting my duck and roll evasive actions required for future survival.IMG_7260IMG_7262IMG_7263IMG_7247

The ongoing laughter guides me back, just as the girls moods are starting to turn.

Another fantastic day of sledding (and solitude) in our local park!


One thought on “Slip Sledding Away

  1. A snow globe indeed! Today as we arrived at the SV Campground, Kamille announced, “Mom, its Sparkleland!,” and I thought of you and Kaya! I recall both our girls called WOP that last year! ; )

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