Nature Calls

December around these parts is normally gray and overcast. Since there are so many lights and events and decor all around, we don’t tend to complain about it. Too much.

But this year was a special one. Days filled with some rain, but a fair amount of sun too, and then, oh glorious mother nature, she brought us some snow.

That stuck.

Through Christmas!

With my early Christmas present in my pocket (iPhone5), I head out on many a walk to breathe in all that soul food, then quench my creative juices with snapshots. Joy be.IMG_6392 Oh, and throw in a little iPhone panorama photo for the novel factor.

On this day, Bal finds a ladybug inside our house. Brennyn and I transport her back outsideIMG_6401 and while out, we just keep on walking.IMG_6493

I have never figured out how to meditate in a still place, but these walks, they are my meditation. Thoughts free themselves to soar in wind drifts with the eagles, while I stay grounded and just be. Breathing in, breathing out. Soul space and energy increase, negativity and idleness diminish.

When the first snow falls, IMG_6573 everything old is new again. Monotony tossed away for fresh perspectives and blank canvases.IMG_6820IMG_6821IMG_6823IMG_6962

Having walked by these woods hundreds of times, it comes as a surprise when I suddenly just stop in awe. IMG_6824Though I have seen these trees so many times, today’s barren branches laced in white hiding squawking eagles while the rays burst through has me stop and appreciate every moment I’ve been here. The hurried ones and panicked ones, sauntering ones and training ones. Not one walk, I appreciate, has been the same. The view, mood, pace, company, weather have never duplicated. Inhale. Exhale. Thankfulness.


Nature called this month.

And I answered.


3 thoughts on “Nature Calls

  1. You sure did! Oh iPhone 5 you do a creative soul good! Gorgeous photos Kari! How amazing is this place that we live! Seriously, right out our front doors! I love your line about everything old being new with a dusting of snow! Its so true!

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