Kaya had a couple big concerts this month. First up, her first ever piano recital! Oh my, was I ever nervous for her. Not only did she have to get up there in front of everybody and play a piece on her own, she had to introduce herself and her song first, then bow at the end. This is huge for my shy girl.

Being friends with her music teacher, I wanted to put in a favour that Kaya not go first, but not last either. In the end, I kept my mouth shut and let whatever happen, happen, for that’s life isn’t it. Fortunately, her teacher knew right where to put her! Third up, she marched up there, totally rocked her introduction, dove right into the song and though she fumbled a bit at the end, she recovered so quickly and finished perfectly.

Then she ran straight off that stage.

No bow.

But my girl was smiling the whole race away from the spotlight.

This mamma nearly bursted out with pride.

Well done my girl. Feeling full-up on Ode to Joy love!_1KF1090_1KF1098

Next up, her school Christmas concert.

In the past few days, Kaya has told me she does not want to be a teacher. She does want to be a scientist and a Doctor Who (perhaps some Mommy obsession influence there…) At any rate, I’d like to add her aspiration to be a Where’s Waldo impersonator.

Seriously, the girl can hide. Almost every picture I tried to nab of her in her concert, was of one section of her face. I thought I was just positioned wrong, but Bal was in another area trying to get video and he said the same thing! She loves to sing, as long as she’s not seen.

Here, just a few of my photos of my missing child. She’s the one in the back or on the far right, behind elbows, hair, friends, microphones, hats… _1KF1113_1KF1115_1KF1127_1KF1134_1KF1138_1KF1144_1KF1156


Oh wait, gotcha! Kind of…_1KF1117_1KF1150


Hiding or not, I could hear her. And just as good as the schoolwide performance? The teach your sister your routines while in the bath tub time. Nothing better than hearing your two Canadian half-Filipino kids in the bath wailing out Hannukah and Diwali songs. Awesome!


One thought on “Pianissimo

  1. Well done! I can see her in there! I loved hearing both my girls giving it their best around home with their songs. Kam and Kaya had the same ones and Karis’ was also one for Hannukah! ; )

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