December Moments

December was filled with so many quiet, delicious moments for me. Ones not captured by camera. Though usually I managed to snap an iPhone shot to remind me…

One of those times was the girls first pony/horse rides. Not because they rode a horse, but because they conquered a fear. When I told Kaya we were going for caroling and pony rides, she cheered but when we arrived, she shut down and outright refused to go on a horse. I find out later it’s because she thought she was going on a carousel! Brennyn is ready to roll… until the helmet gets stuck on her toque and that’s it, she’s done. While B is crying, I take the helmet and put it on Kaya’s head without a word, then guide her over to the horse, and she gets on. Perhaps evil of me to take advantage of the fact that she abhors creating a scene… Nonetheless, I do it, she gets on, and friends, she totally rocks riding that pony!_1KF1063_1KF1066
So much so that, she graduates to two more horses, Black Beauty being her favourite just as long as she does NOT step in that load of crap. Literally._1KF1079
Brennyn is harder to convince, but eventually we do, just as long as she can hold on tight to Daddy. I just love this._1KF1078 The horse trainer wins Brennyn over by telling her that Misty the pony is dressed up like the Grinch and shows her the green costume under the saddle. B is smitten and goes again, holding onto the Grinch, not Daddy this time.IMG_6651

So proud of both my girls for giving it a go, loving it, and giving it another go (and another!)

This month, our daily advent consists of focusing on giving and so there are quiet days at home where we craft ornaments for our teachers and other days where we head out to buy reindeer food for a worthy cause.IMG_6575 Our favourite giving of the month is our present to our garbage man. Brennyn sits outside every Wednesday to watch our garbage man go by and every week he gives her a big smile and wave. In appreciation of that, we give him one of our homemade ornaments and some yummy treats. IMG_6838IMG_6839 Even though we watch him pick up his treats with a big smile, it’s not until the next day that I notice he has left us a note thanking us and wishing us a Merry Christmas. Such a great message for the girls to give and get!

This moment looks cute right? Only it is followed up with me stomping away in a huff since nobody will snow dance with me. When I rain danced in the summer, I did it alone also and ever since Kaya has talked about how she wished she had rain danced with me, leaving me frustrated that she’d let another opportunity pass her by. IMG_6571 I get over it and accept that snow dancing is fun with or without my girls joining me and so do it again later on. Sensing the lack of pressure I suppose, Brennyn immediately wants to snow dance with me while Kaya gazes admiringly at the teenage carolers singing us along. Moments.IMG_6649

I so loved every moment I walked into my house to the smell of my stovetop potpourri of seasonal goodness!IMG_6695

Giggly playdates with Cinnamon Snowflake crafty treats was a blast. The look on their faces was priceless. “I can cut food?! Spread yummy sugary goodness onto it? Bake it and eat it?! Awesome!” IMG_6841

Kaya and I had a bit too much fun with my new iPhone. Here are just a couple of our funny faces sessions.IMG_6987IMG_6405

I got a cold. The girls took care of me. Stuffies and blankies and well, okay, I supplied the Bailey’s tea and I did still have to get up to wipe a Brennyn bum, but the sentiment was there!IMG_6851

We had a few of these moments, all of us curled up on the couch with popcorn and Christmas cartoons and movies. Bliss.IMG_6652

Kaya’s class went on a field trip to the salmon streams. We were learning about how bears pull the fish up into the forest so that’s why you’ll see salmon laying far from the stream sometimes which prompts me to ask (the eager student at 36!) why we even see the fish if the bears are supposed to be eating them. The answer, the bears like to chow down on the best, most nutritious, fattening part, the brain. Which is when my favourite moment of the day occurs by way of an adorable 6-year-old boy “Hawk (the teachers name), are bears Zombies?!” IMG_6005
Nearing the end of our walk along the stream, I spy a rainbow!IMG_6006

Giggles begin, now!IMG_6036


Our local parade is brilliant. Small town gathering place where you chat with people all over the streets, yell out at dressed up Santa’s in the parade, and the local firetruck has to make an early exit from the parade as a call has come through. Oops! Hope it wasn’t too serious what with the big santa on the front and lights adorning the sides!IMG_6520IMG_6560IMG_6562

Brennyn had a preschool Christmas party. IMG_6918Cute picture but what it reminds me of is her teacher telling me a story that had happened that day where a little girl, let’s call her Sally, told Brennyn she wasn’t marrying her anymore and was marrying Sam instead. Brennyn was crushed, her first heartache, and no doubt looking something like this.IMG_5768

Brennyn’s snowman. Need I say more?IMG_5765

This picture is from Christmas eve. The girls were anxious about saying goodbye to Bibbie (our elf on the shelf) and waiting for Santa and we desperately needed to pass some time. Since we hadn’t made it out for a Lights Drive yet, we set out, hitting these lights first. IMG_7064 With girls in PJ’s and slippers only, Bal and I scoop them up and run right up to the yard to check out all the fun. We snuggle and marvel then get back in the car, drive, and launch into Christmas carols while checking out all the lights. The best song by far, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire as we all sing and hum and gasp at a particularly worthy yard of lights. Love, love, love this moment.

I finish off with a moment from right now as I was typing this all up. Kaya had asked Santa for a ‘real rainbow’. Not even Santa can manage that so instead he got her a solar-powered rainbow maker. Since there’s been no sun since she got it, we didn’t even know if it worked. Until today, as I write, and am suddenly surrounded by rainbows! I yell for the girls to get up here and they are giddy to find a room flickering with rainbows. “Santa DID get me a rainbow!” exclaims Kaya as she spins about trying to catch the colours.rainbowmaker

Magical moments for a magical time of year.


One thought on “December Moments

  1. So awesome! So many great moments captured! So what stands out for me…great idea on the pony ride. We definitely had that lined up but I think that was the day we last minute decided to do our family photo instead. so much fun to be had, so little time to do it all! ; ) I would so have snow danced with you! this snow has made it one of my all time fav christmases! Baileys tea, eh? I’ve become addicted to Bailey’s and hot chocolate this holiday season! I think you had posted it on fb one day and i switched up my coffee for some hot chocolate to make it an “all day” drink!
    Are bears zombies!? Classic! YAy for our parade! and yay for rainbow makers! We missed out on the opportunity to do a light drive. I heard there were a lot of great ones out there! Merrily you all went! love it!

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