Bibbie Snowflake Spoofer Part 2

Oh Bibbie, how you came into our lives and brought such joy. I wonder now how I ever could have been grinchy about getting an elf on the shelf when all she did was bring such giggles and magic to our December days.

Here, the rest of our days.

Bibbie brought a party of Lego with her, even naked Santa from last years Lego calendar (still makes me laugh!) and some Lego decorations.IMG_6339
She hung the girls socks and undies, then decided to try Kaya’s on. Kaya was certain they were magic underwear after that and once Bibbie had moved on, wore her undies while attempting to fly off the couch hoping to take flight! Yikes!IMG_6409
The morning before this, Kaya was trying to read her PJ’s in the mirror. “Why can’t I read that? It’s all backwards!” I tried to teach her about reflections and secret coded mirror messages but Bibbie thought it would be better understood with a ‘Surprise!’ She was right. IMG_6416IMG_6420

But of course Bibbie had to take our dinosaurs for a spin! A little break for the tired reindeer. My girls, of course, adored this one as you can see by the picture Kaya had to draw of it.IMG_6491

I just needed a quick hide on this night, stuffed her in the Poinsettia and it turned out to be one of their biggest giggles. Perfect!IMG_6574
‘Bibbieman, bibbieman, does whatever a Spider Elf can…’ sings Kaya shortly after finding Bibbie dressed as Spiderman swinging above Mommy and Daddies bed. IMG_6665 Brennyn immediately went for her Spidey costume,IMG_6666 and later, Kaya had to cram her 6-year-old self into the size 3 costume too. Awesome!IMG_6679

Stuffed into the washer of the play kitchen. Simple and elicited quite the giggle and all day visits to make sure she was good in there.IMG_6714

Probably the favourite find, Christmas Balloons with a hanging Bibbie letting us know it’s just 1 week until Christmas!IMG_6715 I was giddy setting it up for the girls and sure enough, the girls loved it!IMG_6816

Ah, do you have Pete the Cat? A big fave in this house. Everytime we read Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, I could tell Kaya was a bit disappointed her name wasn’t on the big list of nice when so many of her friends names were. Bibbie changed all that by penning Kaya’s, Brennyn’s and Bibbie’s names, with a heeheehee for good measure!IMG_6852

Bibbie loved seeing the snow arrive and wanted to show her appreciation. Donning one of our reindeer stuffies scarves, she went for a slide down our bannister. The girls had whole stories about how she sled all night doing flips and spins, but never crashing since she’s soooo lucky to have magic.IMG_6863

Bibbie was so impressed with Kaya’s rainbow zebra picture being published in our local newspaper, she surrounded herself with rainbows to show Kaya her love!IMG_6924IMG_6893

Mini marshmallow toss into frosty. I may still be finding marshmallows in my closet next June…IMG_6925

Daddy was in charge of this one, setting up an amusement park of fun which had the girls playing trains and magnet builders for hours the next day. Yay!IMG_6970IMG_6988

And then, on the final night of placing Bibbie, the final freakin night (!!), I get busted.

Oh yes I did. Shit.

“MOM, WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING BIBBIE!!!!!” screams Brennyn who has snuck herself down the stairs and busted me in the very moment I was walking to her next destination. I throw Bibbie down, run down the hall, and make up some on the spot story about how I was just walking and Bibbie suddenly flew over, can you believe that, so cool, Santa might get mad at her though, but she did and then she tried to give me something, and then you came down and she didn’t know you were awake I guess and then she just disappeared…

My heart is racing, my mind devastated that the magic is done, and my girl just nods and gets back to the business at hand,

“I have a booboo on my finger and need a bandaid…” she pouts.

While applying a silly bandaid, I cover my tracks a little, trying not to make it too big a deal since she doesn’t seem to think it is and I put her back to bed. Thankfully, Kaya is already asleep as she would be sure to have a few more questions. Still, I suspect Brennyn will tell her as soon as she wakes up so devise an impromptu poem and cover story.

Bibbie sets up a party with Marshmallow Candycane treats and elf juice (the only thing I had on hand was cranberry juice and the girls despised it! Ha!) surrounded by hearts and a poem. IMG_7051IMG_7007
So it is, the girls can touch Bibbie on this, her final day.IMG_7052

They are hesitant at first, nervous to touch her, but soon they run her all around showing her all the things they hold dear, like precious blankies,IMG_6993 and piano songs.IMG_6996

As Christmas Eve goes on, Kaya is torn. She wants to go to sleep at oh, 2pm, so Santa will come, but she really, really does not want to say goodbye to Bibbie. When the time comes, there are tears. Oh boy are there tears. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch them say goodbye and tell her they are going to miss her. IMG_7079IMG_7081IMG_7288IMG_7085 We group hug a teary and giggly final goodbye, before I place her beside Santa’s treats so he will not forget to pick her up on his way through (since her magic is gone from our touching her)IMG_7290

5 days later, I still hear daily how much they miss Bibbie and give messages to her via Santa’s little helpers (the birdies outside)

Until next year Bibbie Snowflake Spoofer! We can’t wait!


One thought on “Bibbie Snowflake Spoofer Part 2

  1. Oh, Bibbie! Kamille and I loved this post! (with some careful reading!). YOU got BUSTED! OMG! Great cover up! That poem is brilliant. I am now officially excited for our Elf next year! Well done Kari! Some fantastic ideas this year!

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