Tis the Season

“Ho Ho Ho, what would you like from Santa?” Santa asks Kaya.

“Ummm…” she whispers, fingers in her mouth, “glowing rocks”

Santa has no idea what she is talking about. Nor do I. Santa covers both our asses with a “I can’t guarantee anything, but will see what I can do. Ho ho ho!”IMG_6335

Brennyn’s fingers shyly go in her mouth too but she’s rehearsed and blurts out “I want a Barbie and a Panda!”IMG_6334

Just in case Santa didn’t get the message, we visit the letter writing station and send off our wishes. Real rainbows, stars and glowing rocks on Kaya’s wishlist. No pressure. IMG_6104

We enjoy crafts, a mini rail ride, candycanes and the lit up trains before heading home.IMG_6124IMG_6123

The next night we meet my brother and sister-in-law for our annual Christmas meet-up. Usually we head to the Stanley Park Brite Nights but this year I’m feeling like a change, as is everyone and check out the VanDusen Festival of Lights. So happy we did. We all, the girls included, loved it. Lights, lights to music, lights in mazes, and a super Santa!IMG_6164IMG_6152IMG_6199IMG_6205IMG_6208IMG_6234IMG_6198IMG_6174IMG_6292

IMG_6224Does anybody else agree that there are just too many Santa visit opportunities these days? We could not escape Santa. As such, we just about ditched out on the VanDusen Santa. Luckily we stuck around because this was no ordinary sit on Santa’s lap, tell what you want, get a candycane visit. Santa sang and danced! Santa told jokes! Oh my Kaya, how she giggled at the jokes! “How do the elves get to the top floor of the toy factory?”

“The ‘elf’evator!” This is pure brilliance to the 5-7 year old set! Great Santa, great night!

The next day we head back to the city to meet up with Bal’s sister and family. On the way, we stop off at the Community, by donation, day at the Britannia Mine museum. It’s freezing out but the girls and daddy pan for gold and go into the mountain and play with the big trucks while I scour the gift shop for ‘glowing rocks’ and other fun stuff. Success! IMG_6293IMG_6243IMG_6245

Off to Langley we go to watch the girls cousin play Ringette. So much fun to watch and so inspiring for the girls to see all these big girls kicking ass on the ice! After we head out for a big family dinner where the highlight is funny face competitions. Oh how my girls adore their big cousins!IMG_6251IMG_6298IMG_6297

Sunday arrives and we decorate our tree. I always have too high of expectations for this ritual so let all those go this year. Kaya is a big help and we get it done without all the pressure for it to be a magical moment. A happy one, yes, magic, no. Which this year I accept. Yay!IMG_6321

Perhaps we have been going a bit hard on this, our busiest weekend of the season by far, for on Sunday Brennyn wakes up sick and miserable. I am feeling the starts of something too so B and I opt out of the house party that day, curl up on the couch and watch cartoons, read books and cuddle all day long. Heaven! Well, besides the boogers…IMG_6310

So very grateful for all the fun and family this weekend and grateful too to finish it off at home snuggling my girl. Balancing the celebrations of the season!


One thought on “Tis the Season

  1. Oh you guys have done the Christmas season well! Nice! Great collection of photos! I love the photos of the girls with their cousins! What a full tree you have! It looks great! My fav is definitely the family on the sled! Awesome! Happy Holidays to you all!

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