A Morning Of Joy

Last Friday, December 14th, Brennyn and I played dollies then decided an adventure by bike was in order._1KF0940 By all accounts, the day was a great one. Sunny clear skies, so rare and valued at this time of year, bursts onto the scene. _1KF1010Eagles soar overhead_1KF0954_1KF0961

_1KF0965 while we picnic riverside with cheesesticks and Daddy’s homemade cookies. _1KF0978_1KF1035_1KF1044

On the way home, Brennyn decides it is time to bike down the big hill she usually walks down. Nervous for her, but also proud of her willingness to give it a go, I exhale and watch her go. She wobbles, she hits those brakes too hard, but she stays upright! There is perhaps nothing better in the world then the look of your child’s face when they are proud of themselves. “I did it mommy! That was fun! That was scawy but I was brave right mamma?” Yes my love, yes you were!

The morning was filled with so much joy.

When we get home, I check my facebook and see a few messages along the lines of ‘Speechless. Sad.’ or ‘My heart is aching.’ I’m not sure what has happened but there is lunch to be made and books to be read and naps to commence. Once all that is through, I check back in, click on a link, and well, devastation. But let’s leave that for another post.


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