Reindeer, Santa, GO!

Once December hits, it’s go time. No easing in this year as Kaya has her first ever sleepover to start off the month. It feels like a big milestone, even one just at our house.

I’m armed with a whole list of crafts and baking and ideas to keep the girls busy for the day, but they don’t really need me. They do a couple of crafts, mostly to appease me, but then run off on their own making up their own games and fun. We make our own pizzas for dinner, finish off Brennyn’s cake walk win and then they run off some more.

Running down already dressed in PJ’s, they ask for a movie (Santa Paws2) and popcorn. They watch, eat, dance and bounce.IMG_5828
Riley has no interest in the adorable puppy movie but HELLO POPCORN!IMG_5845

Later, a spontaneous round of pillow fighting commences? How did they know this was a sleepover thing? I guess it’s a thing for a reason?IMG_5850
And to start calming things down a little (it’s 8pm and the normal bedtime by now) they decorate a mini tree in the bedroom.IMG_5852

After Brennyn has a meltdown for not being allowed to sleep on the air mattress with the big girls, she opts to sleep with me and daddy instead of on her bed in the same room as the big girls. It is 8:45pm by now and she is DONE. So she nestles in my bed and is crashed in seconds. The two big girls, well, they giggle and play and tell stories and talk about their mamma’s (yes, I spied on that part! Fortunately not a bad, grumpy word was spoken. They merely compared what us mamma’s do, what we like to drink and what we would say if they stayed up aaaalllll night!) At 9:30pm I hear Kaya’s friend softly singing and then next time I check in at 9:45pm, they are both fast asleep. Success!IMG_5865

Unfortunately, their late (though not outrageously so) night did not result in a sleep in. 6am they were back at the giggling.

Daddy makes waffles for breakfast and then her friend goes home and we head into the city for the Santa Clause Parade. Ah, perfect time for a quick nap!IMG_5872
B likes the dark to sleep.IMG_5873
Though it is POURING when we leave and I’ve prepped us with layers of rain gear, two minutes after exiting the skytrain, the rain stops. And does not return for the entire 2 hour parade. That Santa has some serious connections!IMG_5935

Speaking of Santa, somebody was very excited to see him.IMG_5936


We saunter our way back to the seabus checking out all the big city goodness with hotels decked out in their Christmas best and lights, lights everywhere. IMG_5938


Finally, we hop on the seabus back to our car and just soak in the view. IMG_5940


Such a great weekend to mark the start of this magical month.


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