Bibbie Snowflake Spoofer

About mid November I ask, via Facebook, ‘To Elf on the Shelf or not to Elf on the Shelf?’ There are lovers and haters.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I wanted to be bothered hiding this kinda creepy creature every night or more importantly, that I would remember to. But in the end I knew the girls would love it and so decided to give it a go.

I was not wrong, the girls LOVE our elf. Turns out I kind of do too and actually, as I type this, I wonder how I ever could have thought she was creepy! Oh sure, I may grumble a bit as I remember each night that I still have a job to do, but mostly I’m finding it brilliant fun and waking up in the morning to the girls giggles of delight, well that truly just makes it all worth it.

We begin in late November after I tell the girls I was walking down the street when a lady dressed just like an elf asks if I want to adopt an elf to keep an eye on the kids. We read the book and check her out behind her casing but no touching allowed! Brennyn is not so sure, slightly freaked out that this red beast is going to fly out and gouge her eyes out… Or something along those lines… But the next morning, our new elf brings Pete the Cat Christmas and B is suddenly quite fond of her.

Her being Bibbie Snowflake Spoofer. My Gramma, a Christmas fanatic, used Bibbie for all her online names (oh yes, she was computer savvy my Gramma- well okay, maybe not so much savvy as obsessed!) and so I ask the girls if they’d like to name our elf Bibbie in remembrance of her. They happen to love the sound of the name so jump up and down saying ‘Yah, yah, yah!’ Then Kaya pipes up “Her name should be Bibbie Snowflake!” I totally agree but now Brennyn has a pout. She wants to name her too! Yes B, we have a first and a middle name so what should her last name be?

Without hesitation, “Spoofer!”

The following pictures are best viewed by clicking on the first and going through the slideshow!


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