Kaya was wondering what an encyclopedia is. Which of course just makes me feel old. “Long, long ago people did not have computers…”

“WHAT?! That’s crazy!”

“Yes well, in the good ol’ days, we had to look up information in encyclopedias. They were alphabetized and told about things in our world.”

“I don’t understand.”

“They were books, done in ABC’s, but for people to find information, not just animals or xylophones. Anyways, it was a long time ago and now there’s Wikipedia and we can google it.”

“Yah, I like that. Mom, I need to know some things. Can we google it?”


To which she asks

‘What does Hanukkah look like?
What is a snail?
What do kids in Africa look like?
What does the inside of an eye AND A BRAIN look like?’

We look at them all and these are the lessons she takes away,

‘Yah, that’s what I learned in school about Hanukkah. I wanted to see if Google knew that too.
Oh. Hey, is that snail poop?! Followed by an obnoxious amount of giggles.
Oh yah, his smile looks just like mine. Hey, they have grass in Africa?

I try to explain that it’s not really rainbow and that the pictures are just using different colours to differentiate between the areas of the brain, but she’ll have none of it. Probably because I was using words like differentiate…

Her brain is a rainbow.

Proof in the googling of it.

Though to be fair, the encyclopedia probably would have shown the same thing.


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