November Mulch

IMG_5606Where does the time go? Even November, a month wedged unceremoniously between the foliage/birthday/Halloween month and the snowy/spirited/Christmas month finds space to flow by. Not in a flurry like the holiday months. No, november is more subtle. Like those leaves that slowly fall, one by one, twisting, floating, dropping until one day there are no more. Our November is in those leaves, quiet moments bold in their hue and then sent drifting.

As I try to encapsulate the end of November, no big event stands tall. More a collection of comfy ways and family days, staying true to the month at hand.

Moments like Brennyn mastering the art of the mashup. She does it often and with varying songs but my favourite has to be Nikki Yanofsky’s ‘I Believe’ with, well, the alternate Jingle Bells song.

I believe in the power that comes
From a world brought together as one
I believe in batman smells, robin laid an egg
I believe in the power of you and I!

Rainy walks made sunny by adding princess purses carrying Brontosaurus pals,IMG_5591
and embracing the rain by catching raindrops with as much enthusiasm as we do when the snow falls.IMG_5800

November brought an abundance of ‘me’ time for me! Never one to take that for granted, I indulge in Chai lattes and lemon baking,IMG_5544
stroll through snowy Whistler lanes acting like my kids would if they were there (giggles and mini snowmen!)IMG_5635IMG_5634
See that knitted pole? LOVE! Inspired me to attempt knitting again (My gramma taught me many years ago!)IMG_5785
I managed a girls night watching the final Twilight movie, another ladies night watching a fellow mom in our community put on an amazing show, and a cosmo/crafting night attempting to make our own elf on the shelf (we failed but had fun in the attempts!)IMG_5688
I also set off to the city by myself to finish off my Christmas shopping (yes, I do it all in November to clear the stress and busyness of December!) While there, as is my way, I get lost but am led to a Korean restaurant that just screams at me to pull over, so I do, and oh, can I just tell you how heavenly that was. A restaurant meal, alone, to relax, watch a little Korean variety shows on the tv and eating my favourite meal from when I lived in Korea! JOY!

Doenjang jjigae

Doenjang jjigae

There are some not so quiet moments too. Like Kaya’s practicing her piano songs. So amazing to watch her progression from slamming her hands on the keyboard just to make noise to learning her notes and making music! Here she is in music class practicing rhythm stories.IMG_5547
I took the girls to Disney on Ice. I swore I wouldn’t but Kaya’s good buddy was going and how could I resist joining them?! The girls adored it, so of course, it is worth it.IMG_5652IMG_5660
After, we stop at the mall and my job is to distract the kids while the other mamma runs off to nab a couple Christmas gifts. My job is made easy when Santa comes for a visit!IMG_5678
Brennyn is awed, tells Santa what she wants for Christmas (SeaWorld Barbie and a Panda stuffie), but is slightly insulted when Santa doesn’t take a lick of her candy cane! Love it!IMG_5677

Kaya’s school has a craft/bake sale. My Nutella fudge, while delicious, does not have the right consistency to actually sell it (total mush!), so I whip up tree brownies in the morning. Apparently they were a hit. Oh, and we enter a Cake Walk which I hope we don’t win so of course, Brennyn does. IMG_5783

Brennyn entertains with her expanding art,IMG_5763 her big girl desire to help mommy’s cut all by herself by finding the bandaid and applying it,IMG_5695
and heartfelt emotions (reaction upon realizing we couldn’t drive 500+km to see Gammy for her birthday)IMG_5768

Kaya delights us with her expanded reading abilities (seriously, one of my favourite stages of these first 6 years!)IMG_5843 writing,IMG_5799 and giggles (which got especially giddy after this candy kabob!)IMG_5789

November trees, barren and empty only if you look in one direction. Looking deeper, we can see the moss and lichen and mushroom worlds thriving. We see golden leaves surrounding, hugging, then nourishing. November, if only we’ll allow it, is about feeding our roots. Cozy days with crafts and baking, movies and popcorn. Readying ourselves for the bustle of concerts, parades and giving back. We are ready!


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