As I pulled together many of my Instagram photos, along with some random other photos, I realized our autumn has been one of discovery.

Fall Discoveries List.

City-bound, we make a quick pullover after discovering a rainbow over the ocean. Oh sure, almost napping Brennyn wakes up, but then she just gets to join in the rainbow cheer!

The guy in front of me at the store did not even notice the hand reaching out to grab him as he paid. Neither did I at first, then BAM, a little jump, embarrassed giggle and Halloween joy breaks up the monotony of paying for a meal.
Not every discovery is so joyful. These are the mitts I found. I think I played a cruel joke on myself packing up winter gear in the spring but when I rummage through the other closet, I only come up with 2 matches. ARG!

Ah, nothing like discovering a classic book that you never read but when you finally do, you know exactly why it’s a classic and can’t wait to read it again. Brilliant!

Finding leftover Halloween spooky eyes in the bush a week later, drenched.

Discovering Kaya in a tree is no shocker though I do appreciate the added colour in her pursuits.

Brennyn was exploring newly popped up mushrooms under our tree when she found this fallen birds nest with a broken robin’s egg inside. She was very excited to teach her big sis all about it when she came home (to which big sis responds with a “I know B, you don’t have to tell me that because I already know everything you do!)

Speaking of mushrooms… Boy were they ever happy to see the rain!

Kaya’s Christmas list. No pressure. She has since added Microscope and iPad to the list…

A real rainbow
owl bank
dinosaur bones that are rainbow
new rainbow stickers
Doodle and Draw for Friends

Rediscovering the joy of Choose Your Own Adventures! Oh how I love the library…

Took the girls to the spawning channels where tons of salmon are kicking, swimming, laying eggs and flopping over. By fortuitous accident, we head to the aquarium the next day where we discover they are showing The Great Salmon Run in the 4D theatre. What a brilliant movie with vivid shots of eagles, bears, and this amazing landscape I call home.

Oh yes, the innate pleasure of riding over crunchy leaves… B was giddy!

Me discovering that Kaya doesn’t not like Lego (love me a double negative!) she just wants free reign to build whatever she wants, on her own terms. Here we have a stocking, a present, a mamma and baby reindeer. There’s also Santa’s sleigh and the North Pole but B ran away with those.

Coming upon this view towards home never fails to impress.

And finally, discovering Kaya is now adding her own notes to my Mamma Calendar. Can’t forget the important stuff!


One thought on “Discoveries

  1. love all your discoveries! i can’t believe how kaya’s look has changed. more of a big girls every day! love the “I already know everything you know” comment. how classic! we just had our annual spawning channels walk this week. so awesome and way more big and dead and smelly than years past, don’t you think? that movie sounds awesome! love that kind of thing!

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