Hurry! Stop.

On a drizzly, gloomy morning, rushing was taking over the day. Hurry up and… get dressed, brush your teeth, make lunches, find your library book, read me your home reading, dig for rain gear, race to school… It was just neverending. Nothing happened easily but of course, the more I rushed us about, the slower things got with grumpy girls and a miserable me.

The lot of us pouting, we are late and hurrying to school when I glimpse at a leaf with a hole in the middle. My rushing mentality almost hurries me right on by, but there is something else to this holey leaf. Slowing, then peering back as I initially walk on by, I see that the hole is a heart. While I am stopped in my tracks, the kids are still going, caught up in my frantic state of mind, when I shout “Girls! Look at this!”

They stop too, eyes wide with wonder and curiosity on what could ever have got Mom to stop?

“Wow!” gasps Kaya “Nice finding treasure mom! Take a picture! Can we keep it?”

I do and we do, then we carry on, feet still shuffling, though this time with a spark of energy rather than frenzied stress.

One moment of openness, to stop and see, changing the course of our grumpy-bound day.

Now if I could just figure out how to curb the hurry in the first place…


2 thoughts on “Hurry! Stop.

  1. oh my. this post starts and ends like a post that i have partially composed in my head. i just need to look down as i walk to school, maybe i will find that treasure! rather than feeling the fury of the hurry!

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