‘A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.’
~Author Unknown

(Be it coincidence or fate, this quote was posted from the 365 Grateful the documentary facebook page mere hours after I wrote the following post. I inject it here now as it suits perfectly.)

Many of my best memories are from sidetrips I didn’t plan. Detours along the way because someone calls me over or something catches my eye or simply because the road ahead is blocked. This goes for some of the more profound moments in my life (a trip to the Galapagos, living where I live, Brennyn!) as well as for the small, every day moments that are harder to clarify.

Kids are good at those ones. They are slow, low to the ground and innately curious. Rushing from point A to point B makes no sense if you can discover little a’s and numbers and secret passageways to X instead.

Sometimes us adults forget all the things to explore in between, beside and around as we rush to complete our errands.

Which is one of the greatest lessons I have learned in being a mother. Planning, routines, preparedness these things are necessary and helpful in our lives. But just as crucial are flexibility, openness and spontaneity.

Earlier in the week, I plan a trip to the ocean with Brennyn. My plans include a picnic on the beach and a bike through the leaves, maybe a walk along the ocean to throw rocks. Instead, we get there, it is pouring with rain and the one thing I have neglected to pack is rain gear. Brennyn is not fazed. She thinks the best thing in the world would be to picnic in the car in Kaya’s booster seat! Oh the giggles at that alone… She buckles herself in to eat, feeling very much the big kid, so I surprise her with a wee little drive through the campground in a booster seat! Coolest thing ever…

We park n play until the rain subsides.

My biking plan lasts oh, all of 2 minutes

before somebody has ideas of her own.

“I want to go up that trail we went on last time mamma!” That trail is a short, but steep for little legs, jaunt up to a viewpoint. Last time we were there Kaya ran up ahead while I had to hold Brennyn’s hand or carry her up some enormous steps while she whined and didn’t want to go.

Remembering this, my enthusiasm was lacking. Nonetheless, I roll with it and up we go.

Stunned, I realize she is now big enough to do it all on her own. Weren’t we just here a couple of months ago? Ah yes, but that’s all it takes.

We make it to the top, coming out from the canopy where the rain does pour,

then head back down again where we stop to find a geocache. Not much for treasure in there, B takes a Curious George bandaid and we carry on.

Shortly after we happen upon this.

Smiling at the smile, Brennyn looks up and states,

“Mamma, this is our real treasure.”

Wow. Yes, yes it is wise girl.

Ah yes, many of my best memories are from sidetrips I did not plan…


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