Puddle Envy

Usually for Pro-D days, I have a plan. A trip to the aquarium or picnic at the beach, at the very least a play date with a friend. This past Friday, I have no plan in place. On a dreary, rainy day, this has potential for disaster. Sure enough, shortly after the girls breakfast, the bickering begins, the battling over toys, the whining over unwanted play.

A few sips of coffee down, and my brain manages some random associations.

Coupon. Breakfast. New park. Library.

Pinpoints of inspiration.

A full cup of coffee down and some cohesive thoughts begin.

Clearly we need out of the house, rain or not. I just happen to have a 2-for-1 coupon for mid-week breakfasts. Ding, ding, ding, a special date out with my girls for breakfast! And just by phrasing it in that way, the girls get gleeful. Because breaky out is one thing, but a special, french-toast filled girlie date is another.

Afterwards I need to drop off a load of library books so I try to make a big deal about going to the library all together since we never do anymore since Kaya uses her school one. They shrug and don’t really care. So I mention the new park across the street is open and we could go there after the library.


And as we drive up, wouldn’t you know it, but a handful of friends from both their classes have had the same idea. A too quick (for me) drop off of books a the library, then a manic run to the new park with old friends.

The park is brilliant. A wonderful combination of free space to run, structures to play on, swings to try for the kids and a fenced in, easy to monitor space for the parents.

Not to mention the oh so photogenic trees and logs for me to play in. Yay me!

After letting the girls run wild with their friends, I manage to sneak in a quick couple shots of them too.
Leaves are falling down.
Dancing, twisting, somersaulting leaves are hilarious don’t ya know.
And with that, they run off again.

More kids leave and I manage to steal my kids away for a short jaunt to play in a pile of leaves I had spotted. This time I do not have to rephrase the sopping, wet pile of decaying leaves as Kaya does so first. “Look Brennyn! It’s a yellow castle where fall fairies live!” With that, the girls dive in.

With fairy lands to discover, heads had no interest in turning towards mom and that’s precisely why I adore these pictures so much. Kaya, head peering down into a hole of the statue she sits upon, certain a fairy is about to flitter out at any moment.
Then Brennyn laughing up at big sister as sisters converse in fairy talk mamma’s just don’t understand.

With no fairies found (but sure signs of their existence) we race back to the park for a final play. Shortly after, the rain arrives (rain as opposed to drizzle) so I say it’s time to go. Both girls steadfastly refuse. Not in defiance, just because they are having too much fun. So I suggest we head to the ocean where there are always the puddles to run among.

“Yah, Yah, Yah!!!” they both squeal.

Um yah, there are puddles. Giant, magnificent ones!

All in all, a good hour of dancing, jumping, chasing and skipping are had in those puddles. Those cold, water seeping over our boots puddles.

Only when our toes are numb do we all agree to head home. Stripping the sopping wet girls naked, they climb in the car, get covered in a picnic blanket, and giggle away as they eat Halloween treats.

With a moment of gratitude, I capture a couple more views before driving home in my barefeet.

Had I thought out this plan, there certainly would have been a change of clothes, possibly a dinghy boat, probably a decision to stay home with popcorn and a movie instead.

Fortunately, spontaneity, a free spirit and a complete disregard of sense wins out on this glorious day.

No plans, it turns out, can be the best plan of all!


3 thoughts on “Puddle Envy

  1. these are amazing photos! love the two close ups of the girls and the black and white of them. yay! so much fun! thank you again for the inspiration. it didn’t take much time out of our day to do, but the memory of fun will last a while!

      • Thank you Tom! We’ve been many times since this and I really do think it’s a special park. The kids imaginations just seem to soar and we always end up staying longer than I anticipate. Always a good sign! Looking forward to many spring and summer days there! (well yah, okay, just looking forward to spring and summer days…)

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