Halloween Horror

Say what I will about Halloween, the kids do love it don’t they. Oh and plenty of adults do too. When else, afterall, can you rewear your wedding dress to be the bride of Chuckie, don an angry bird outfit or show off your goods as Captain Underpants? No pictures I’m afraid, but here’s a look at Bal and I as Bert and Mary Poppins at the weekend party we went to. Most people didn’t know who we were but Kaya and Brennyn appreciated it!
Check out some of the creative food there.

Thank goodness for Pinterest for food and craft inspiration. Brennyn just loved this.

Not sure whether our friend inspired Brennyn, or the books themselves, but this is how she dresses herself the day before Halloween. No Captain Underpants, you are not going to school dressed like that even after your very impassioned speech about how your teachers would love that sooooo much.

Halloween day arrives and with it, true Halloween horrors. For on this day, I have volunteered to go with Kaya’s Grade 1 class (along with 2 other classes) to the pumpkin patch. That’s 65 kids on a bus on a windy road for one and a half hours. Once one kid puked, the mayhem began. Mamma’s passing ice cream pails and plastic bags back and forth as 6 kids puke while many more come close. Finally we arrive and while the sickness is done, the mayhem is not. 65 amped up kids ready to run and scream and jump in mud and find their golden pumpkin… Chaos in the best form, fun!

Check out the monsters lurking in the raspberry bush!

After 3 hours in the drizzle and mud and bedlam, there is no choice but to get back on the bus. 2 pukers on the trip home, though none near me (phew!)

All I want to do upon arriving home is jump in a hot bath with a good book and quiet but oh, wait, it’s Halloween. This little moment of peace will have to suffice.
Suffice, it does.

Dinner, pumpkins lit, candy readied, costumes on, and GO!

Well okay, Bal does that. I’m still drinking…

The rain is not just coming down, it is pounding down. So I ready myself to hand out candy, while Bal takes the girls out into the wettest Halloween yet.

The kids don’t care. Much. Here my unicorn and rainbow witch are ready to go!

They come back drenched (to put it mildly) and happy and after a few candy treats, they finish the day with a warm glo-stick bath.
Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Horror

  1. are you kidding me! you AND bal too! love love love your halloween spirit! that is awesome! love the monsters lurking in the raspberry bush photo! hilarious faces on those two! halloween! what a wild and crazy night it was…oh and wet wet wet!

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