Autumn Layers

On Sunday I had a vision of a family bike where we’d find piles of fall leaves and we’d, well, frolic. I hadn’t shared this vision with anyone when Kaya announces that Daddy said they were going to the pool today. Alrighty, she’s psyched so they can have a morning swim and then the afternoon we shall bike. Only by afternoon Brennyn is exhausted and must go for a nap. No matter, Kaya and I will head out!

But the thing is, Kaya does not want to bike with her mamma today.

My pouting is more pronounced with PMS running the helm, so I stomp around the house gathering my things (really it’s just stomping because I forget water, my phone, and a snack so gathering there was not!) I ask Kaya one more time, and she ponders it (only to appease me) before saying “No thank you mom!”

So it is that me and an ecstatic Riley-Roo head out for a bike on a gorgeous fall day. Within 30 seconds the pouting is put away. For I am free and there is sun and I can fly or lollygag or whatever I want. So Riley and I, we cruise. Soggy, fallen leaves underfoot and dripping hued leaves clinging above. The sun drifting in and out. The air moving from damp and musty to crisp and fresh as we say goodbye to the growth, but hello to the cleansing spirit of the arriving snow. Though it hasn’t touched down here yet, the line is low on the mountains surrounding, of fresh fallen, clean-slate snow.

What do you love most about fall? Oh I have answered many things. The colours, the temperature, the transition, but on this day, on my bike with my dog, my answer merges them all.


Yup, layers are the thing. From our clothes full of tights, boots, scarves and vests as we add them on, then strip off as required.

We admire the layers of a single leaf as the chlorophyll bids farewell.

The varying shades give us layers in a single tree

or, looking broadly out, a whole community of foliage in transition.

Ah yes, reflections behold layers upon layers. Lovely.

Here, ethereal layers dancing within a reflection.

Layers on the move as mist rises,
and fog drifts.

The bike has been brilliant in getting me farther faster, but it is time to disembark and immerse myself in layers. Feet sunk in the sand as the river flows and a seal swims by as birds snack on spawning salmon and fishermen cast their lines.

Though I don’t get my family frolicking in leaves outing, this here is what I suppose I really seek.

Immersed in fall, where layers upon layers of texture, colour and movement abound.


One thought on “Autumn Layers

  1. gorgeous post and photos! i think karis and i hit that exact spot beside the river where you ditched the bike. (a few weeks ago). we saw seals! ; ) so awesome to get out on your own. i am inspired. i think i’ve turned into a hermit these days. yikes!

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