Regurgitating Cup Monsters

The last post was supposed to be this post but apparently I had some thoughts I needed to get out…

For the past week, everyday Kaya has asked me to buy stuff for our front stoop. It wasn’t until this crafty science project do I realize, she doesn’t want the Halloween stuff, she wants the Halloween experience.

Originally, I planned to do this water bottle foaming dino-monster. Only as I was setting it up for an after-school craft did I realize I had no water bottles. So I scramble around the house in search for an alternative. Aha! Red plastic cups and leftover sock puppet pieces are all I need to make our grody monsters!

Step 1- Cut out mouth in plastic cup

Step 2- Pull out the craft supplies and make a monster!

Step 3- Fill cup with vinegar to just below mouth line
Step 4- Add a couple drops of food colouring of choice
Step 5- Add dish soap (the girls do this step so usually amounts to A LOT of dish soap!)
Step 6- Sing ‘Just a spoonful of baking soda, helps the monster regurgitate… In the most disgusting way…’

Step 7- Plop in a light ball or feather or any food or crafty supplies you have handy to see if your monster will puke it out. Giggles (or at the very least a guffaw) guaranteed!

And if you’ve ever done this experiment before, you know just one round will not do. Bring on round 2!

Leftover birthday party cups are easily transformed into monsters with a marker, vinegar, dye, and dish soap…

1, 2, 3 Oogity Boogity…

Meet Frank

and Draco.

Such a huge hit, all without going out to buy a thing.


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