Adventures in Transit

Bal was gone last week and flew home Friday afternoon. Since it was a Pro-D day, I thought we’d ‘surprise’ Daddy by picking him up at the airport. But not by driving there. That would be too long and boring (especially trying to get home in rush hour!) No, my plans involved driving to Lonsdale Quay, Sea Busing to the city, and Sky Training it to the airport.

So begins our epic adventure.

And for us small towners, it is an adventure. The girls are awed by glass elevators, countless escalators, Sea Bus Captains, scary dropping gates, fake owls, sailing over logs, buskers, bums, fashion and billboards. They squeal at underground sky trains, tunnels, and a stop where a King lives (King Edward Station). They gasp when it leaves the earth, they giggle as the train empties and they get a back window view. They run like absolute maniacs, MANIACS, around the airport.

I answer countless ‘Why?’ questions. Kaya has been on the Sea Bus before but never the Sky Train. Brennyn remembers seeing none of what we’re doing and in turn, asks me every detail about every part. Why, why, why… Incessantly.

Oh the day is good and we are early and there is no rush so I answer her patiently and thoroughly and sometimes even wisely. Though sometimes not, as my fellow transit passengers would no doubt relate!

From the time we leave the house to the time we get home, six hours have passed, four and a half of those just me and the girls.

Not once, in all that time, do they whine, fight or cry.

They are far too busy exploring the world around them to complain.

A lesson for all of us.


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