In other arty science news…

On our September Pro-D day off school, the girls and a friend became Paleontologist Gold Panners on a Treasure Hunt in Science Club.

Needless to say, a good day was had by all!


I scored The Leaf Man at the library, a perfect addition to our autumn reading. While Kaya was at school, Brennyn, some friends and I went for a nature walk and collected as many leaves as we could. Brennyn’s favourite were yellow ones of varying shades and shape while mine were the assortment of reds. We threw in berries, moss, and shoots for good measure. After picking Kaya up from school, we all read The Leaf Man and then set about making our own creatures.

Brennyn calls hers Super Leaf Guy With Really Long Legs

Kaya makes Mrs Leaf Scientist (I suggest Dr Leaf but she denies me) You can see her there in the middle, dressed in spotted yellow, while she observes and records the ways of the ‘Red’. She does this all without one lick of guidance from me. Love it!

We collaborate on this guy. Kaya trying to make patterns, me trying to make a character and B trying to make trouble…


After a nature walk, Leaf Man art/science, homework and music class, I refuse to cook. We end up at Burger King. Music class had us dressing ‘elegently’ so Kaya had insisted on wearing her Halloween costume- a rainbow witch dress which apparently just screams ‘elegance’. I agree to eating out at fast food as long as she DOES NOT SPILL ON HER RAINBOW DRESS.

To which, ketchup, mustard, pickle imprints and orange juice all get spilled on her rainbow dress.

Also, I am starving and mid bite when Brennyn declares “I HAVE TO POOP!”

The bathroom is not clean and I threaten Brennyn to touch NOTHING.

To which she touches EVERYTHING.

My point my friends? I am tired at this point. And grumpy. I’m grumbling at my kids and just trying to get through the meal when they both whine that they didn’t get their toy with their meal. My burger is cold anyways, so I go up to the front asking for their toys. I open them, teach them, lecture them on fighting with each other. Oh, and grumble some more.

Even in my grumpiness, I can admit the optical illusion dinosaur toy is brilliant.

But Kaya’s toy microscope is a piece of crap. Still, she is fascinated. Kaya is peering at the lame paper ‘slides’ it comes with, when suddenly her quiet demeanor evaporates and she yells “Scientists NEED PICKLES!” It is so out of nowhere and so out of character that I burst out laughing (and burger spittles.) My grumbles are gone as she rips a pickle out from her burger and slides it under her scope. She is fascinated, without it magnifying a thing.

So I tell her about a picture I saw on the computer earlier that had sand under a microscope and how it looked like jewels. She is intrigued so when we get home I pull it up and,

*GASP* “It looks like jewels! And shells! And rainbow rocks! I want to see that!” with a look that says NOW. I try to explain science labs and real microscopes but she just wants to investigate further, and not by way of Google.

So there it is, the first thing on her Christmas list, and something she is most certainly getting. I can’t wait!

I’ve always been a curious soul, but with kids, well, I’m just

“curiouser and curiouser!” ~ Alice in Wonderland



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