Curiosity- A Guiding Force for All

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein

Deep can be gazing into an entangled forest, or at a vein on a single leaf. Deep can be peering into a microscope at a miniscule cell, or through a telescope into the vastness of space. Deep can be analyzing a cultural trait, or one person’s soul.

This curiosity, it expands us. Infinitely.

Having a three-year-old, there is never a shortage of answering the ‘why’s’ of life. And having a Kaya (age is irrelevant), everything is an opportunity to observe and marvel, then want to see more, deeper.

Since Kaya is so much like me in so many ways, I had presumed she was going to be inclined towards the arts. Lately, I’ve noted her scientific tendencies along with an understanding that art and science are inter-related far more than I have previously imagined. Creativity and facts, grand ideas and minute details, expanding that which we know with that which we dream, and recording our observations entangled in a web of science and art, seperated only a by-product of our own labels. Scientist. Artist. When really we are all both.

Do you think Felix Baumgartner (besides being slightly insane) would say he’s more an artist or scientist? Both were integral to his journey that’s for certain!

On a side note, the other day I read the girls How To Catch A Star by Oliver Jeffers, which we’ve read dozens of times before. This time though, without hesitation, Kaya decides the boy needs to hitch a ride with Felix to catch that star. Awesome.

Before learning to label things, kids get the innate combinations of their being. It is not a matter of dreamers or realists, artists or scientists, they live in a world where science and magic go hand in hand.

“When I grow up I want to be a scientist that studies Rainbows!

Hmmm, And leaves!
And volcanoes!
And trees!

Oh, and whales too!” Kaya details with a roll of her eyes as in ‘duh, of course too’

“And lots of sea creatures…

Yes, all that is good to study.” she declares before running off to the bathroom.

After some adequate time to think in there, she runs out again, demanding in the most curious of tones,

“MOM, what kind of scientist studies Kaya’s?”

Snort laugh by me. “Umm, I guess that would be me!”

She nods, “Oh, yah, good choosing that to study, mom!”

True that kid.


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